Macro Monday – Dwarf Russian Almond – Prunus Tenella

I have fallen irrevocably in love with the Russian Dwarf Almond…

I’ve never seen it have so much blossom on it, it’s stunning!

I guess it thrived in the harsh winter…

If you too fancy joining in with the Macro Monday please check: Lisa’s Chaos


22 thoughts on “Macro Monday – Dwarf Russian Almond – Prunus Tenella

  1. Hi Liz….beautiful blossom. Love the depth of colour. I can see why you are in love.Most of my trees have more blossom than usual. The old apple tree has not opened her buds yet….we have a bitter north wind today, so I can't blame her. More like autumn this end.

  2. Hi Cheryl,Here the blossoms seem to be a mixed bag, some trees are flowering profusely, others seem to be very bare… One street near here is lined with pink cherries and my word they look amazing, they're packed full of blossom and look simply stunning!It's a shame it never quite lasts long enough and with the high gusts of wind we're having today I can imagine there will be very little blossom left.

  3. So is this dwarf a shrub or tree? I remember my parents had a flowering almond bush in their yard with pink flowers, but I don't know the latin name or anything. We always enjoyed it in spring.

  4. Hi VW,As far as I can tell it's a shrub, certainly has a shrubby habitat and I think it's due to grow a maximum of 2x2m. It isn't very dense, but that may just be this specimen not being well kept when I bought it – it was shoved to the back being hidden and I happened to spot the stunning flowers on it.

  5. Liz…do pop over and see the puss moth I managed to photograph for safari. It is quite unusual, although I guess, you may have seen them before…..

  6. Your photography, as always, is impressive. I love the colors of these blossoms! Many of the flowering trees in our area also have bloomed exceptionally well this year.

  7. Hi la,It is definitely stunning, and still flowering, it’s managed a week or longer now… Blossoms don’t usually last quite so long!

  8. Hi Lona,I know the feeling, there are so many things I’d love to have… Trees are generally out of the question though for me, I have to stick mainly to shrubs because the garden isn’t large enough. One day I might afford something larger, sadly I’m in the age group where we’re unlikely to ever afford large wonderful houses, things are just far too expensive these days, the housing market over here is crazy.Missed the party by 3/4 years, if only I was a little older… Baaaaah.

  9. Hi CV,Yep I have to agree, and I love it! Nothing more wonderful than seeing masses of blossom. Usually it puts out far fewer flowers, so this year is a bumper year 🙂

  10. I can see why you have fallen in love with this pretty bloomer. Also, I like your new blog design! It shows off your beautiful photos nicely!

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