Slowly, slowly…

…we’re getting there…

Spring really is taking its time…

…looking back on last year… we’re actually in a similar position – how did I cope so long??

I think I was in a bad place this time last year, months flew past.

… I lived for each day, trying to think as little as possible.

With summer came a much happier place, like a weight was lifted… I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This year I think I’ll be in a bad place again; stresses are building up once more.

I hope September comes quickly.


14 thoughts on “Slowly, slowly…

  1. Love the Bleeding Hearts and Forget-me-nots together. Do you know you can go into your Blogger settings-sitefeed-allow blog feeds and change your Feeds to 'Full' so that your text and photos show up in the Blotanical picks frame rather than just 3 lines?

  2. Hi Liz……life can be so stressful at times. Hang on in there, you have support if you need it. I love the bleeding heart and forget me not combination. So pretty.That spider is gorgeous……you have captured him just so perfectly…….

  3. Hi Rosie,Just a few different things on my plate, nothing I guess too serious for most but unsettling for me non the less!Hopefully in a month I'll have a better idea of what lies ahead. It's going to be a big turning point over the summer for me, and hopefully a good one! 🙂

  4. Hi Pam,Yep it's forget-me-not, I do have Brunnera in the front garden though… :)Garden jobs seem to be mounting up right now and I don't ever seem to make any head-way on them even though I am doing things! Amazing how that happens 😛

  5. Hi Cheryl,Thanks 😉 Normally the crab spiders are quite nervy and don't let me get close but this one was quite the willing model!

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