Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May

Garden Blogger’s bloom day is hosted by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens

Some of these photos weren’t quite taken on the 15th but you get the idea…

Why is it, I seem to have this garden almost full with plants and yet there’s nothing to photograph???

I’m afraid I’m going to have to indulge myself in yet more forget-me-not photos, purely because they’re just so pretty!

And onto the rest of the garden!

Too many brown gaps…
Should be rectified as my seedlings in pots are planted – I hope!
The Buddleja was floored and doesn’t take long to grow back…
New border, the Asters are not quite as full as I had hoped… I have three more I’m considering planting along side these.
Mystery seedlings… What will they be?
I know what these are!!! California Poppies 🙂
Anyone care to venture a guess?
Astrantia will flower soon (probably when I’m not here!)
Clover is taking over the lawn…
Forsythia flower buds
I fear I’ll also miss the Clematis Rubens opening…
Allium ‘purple sensation’ is still teasing me, it’s been ‘opening’ for at least a week or so now.
This is likely to be my last post for a few days… ha ha, not that anyone would notice! But yes, I’m off to Norfolk on Sunday, and will not jinx myself regarding the weather…


13 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May

  1. My alliums are doing that too! Have a lovely time in Norfolk, I was brought up on the northern coast and have fond memories of it (except for the months of Nov to March when all I remember is the cold!). But in May it will glorious. Are you visiting Sheringham Park (fabulous rhododendrums and azaleas)?

  2. Hi Liz,I love your photos! I didn't include photos of my forget me nots, partly because I haven't gotten any decent photos of them. That columbine sure is a beauty. Oh, that clover brings back childhood memories of making bracelets and necklaces with the blooms. Maybe the rabbits will eat the clover and leave your other plants alone.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Happy bloom day! I love the forget-me-nots together with the bleeding heart. Usually I'm not a pink and blue kind of person, but it's quite charming with flowers. Have fun!

  4. Hi Liz….firstly have a lovely time in Norfolk, hope the weather is kind to you.I am not very good with seedlings…..unless I label mine I havn't a clue. When I go into the garden today I shall look to see if I have any like yours.My alliums are way behind yours. They are a great addition to any garden. The seedheads are fantastic. I am sure you will get some lovely photographs.I must say I do not like leaving my garden this time of year in case I miss something.BTW your borders will soon fill out and the 'brown stuff' will be a distant memory.Have a fun few days…..

  5. All pretty, as usual. Despite your complaint about too many bare spots, you manage to frame your beds just right to make them gorgeous. Have a fun trip!

  6. My aliums are way behind yours – they're still tightly closed up. I think we must be higher up than you maybe?!Gorgeous photos as ever though Liz!Have a great break in Norfolk, see you soon 🙂

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