Time for some flower shots…

I’m sure many of you would much rather see photos of the garden than birds!

Bee enjoying the nectar from Aquilegia too
Angelica seedling…
Clematis ‘Blue eyes’
Creeping sedum bought to cover the silly wooden border
Sea Thrift with plenty of flowers this year
Creeping Phlox also bought to cover the silly wood…
Pheasant’s Grass is growing well, and we now have quite a few Gladioli swords!
Agapanthus ‘Back in Black’ I moved a month ago.
Daisy in the lawn.
Ladybird on Raspberry Blossoms
Clematis Rubens
Geranium in the front garden
I love this Geranium, it is such fantastic ground cover… Just need it to flower now, oh and to find out its name!
Knapweed is doing brilliantly this year!
The Geraniums and Centuria combine to make one of the only borders I’m proud of with wonderfully mature growth.
My Dierama seedlings – will guard them with my life.
Chives are in flower
Clematis Marjorie!!!! God, I love her so much!
My self sown hybrid Aquilegia, can tell it’s a hybrid, the petals are gnarled and strange. I love the deep aubergine colour!
Alliums and Salvia in the left border (ignore the dead Tulips and Anemone in the pot!)
I went a little Allium happy in the right border last Autumn… Looks amazing though!


17 thoughts on “Time for some flower shots…

  1. All pretty! I was just thinking I need to get out and take pictures of the columbines blooming in my yard right now. I spread a bunch of seeds last year that are growing but won't bloom this year. It should be interesting to see how the flowers turn out next year on those seedlings. Oh, it's so hard to be patient!

  2. Gorgeous photos again Liz. I planted my first aliums this year, having coveted them for ages, but they're not as out as yours are yet!Your Norfolk photos were great too – the B&B looked lovely and the bird photos, well…! 🙂

  3. It's great to see your flowers. Columbine is my favorite flower, and I really like that self sown hybrid. I always look forward to seeing what variations come out each year with mine. I also LOVE the Marjorie clematis, and I really want to try alliums in my yard. They are so pretty!

  4. Hi CV,Alliums are stunning, I am loving their colour and shape in the borders at the moment, even their seedheads are wonderful too so an all-round great addition to any garden. I’ve always grown Chive for the flowers, I sometimes cut the leaves for food dishes but generally I wait only for the flowers to appear 🙂 I’m growing Garlic Chive this year too, which is more likely to make it into my cooking.

  5. Hi VW,I know how you feel about the Columbines, I’ve been waiting years for some of these seedlings to flower, I have more which still haven’t… They came with me from the previous house in pots and I’m becoming progressively more impatient to see what they will produce for me…

  6. Hi Liz,Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed them 🙂 I went a little Allium mad last Autumn and have quite a few different species which now have buds beginning to grow so I’m eagerly awaiting their blossoms… There are more Norfolk shots to come, just from Pensthorpe, never mind the rest of Norfolk although to be honest most photos were taken in the reserve with the camera having a well earned rest for the rest of my stay…

  7. Hi Carolyn,Thank you very much for visiting my blog, it’s much appreciated! It’s funny how in photos there appears to be lots going on in the garden but in reality I always feel like there’s very little happening! It isn’t until you post photos on a blog like this that you realise there’s actually far more to look at especially considering there’s always some things I leave out which have already been over-photographed these past couple of months.

  8. Hi Debs,Columbines are wonderful, any cottage garden must-have! I love the shaggy types and was upset when I forgot to bring some with me from our previous home, which is why I’m so eagerly awaiting the flowering of the self-sown plants which have popped up in various pots since moving… The last one is a wonderful deep reddish purple compared to the first which is more of a violet. I’m glad you like the Clematis, I am so in love with her, she’s just so stunning and I cannot wait for her to mature and produce hundreds of wonderful salmon pink edged flowers, at the moment she is still young, I planted her very late in the season last year so she does not have many flowers… I’d estimate at around 20.

  9. Hi Liz…..love the alliums….how could you possibly have too many!!!I have two Dierama poking through the soil. Will they bloom this year?? I then have to decide whether to plant them out (rabbits)….not sure if they will munch them. I may just grow them on in pots for the time being.Any ideas?? I suppose I could plant some red campion around them.

  10. Hi Cheryl,The Dierama take a long time to bloom, you’re looking at a couple of years or more before they will… It’s definitely a labour of love with them, but at their current price perhaps it’s well worth the wait!So for now I’d keep them in the greenhouse until they’re nice large plants and then yes, put Red Campion around them just in case!!!They do like being disturbed apparently, so try to keep any root movement to a minimum.Out of the four I bought earlier in the year only 1 is now showing signs of growth, seriously if the other three are dead I will be very angry that I’ve been cheated out of £30. They shouldn’t have sent plants to any customer in that state.I’m glad you like Marjorie too 🙂 So excited to have her filling the fence… That is, if Rubens doesn’t get there first!

  11. Thanks Liz re Dierama….patience is something I generally have a lot of. They will be worth waiting for. The greenhouse it is. Tku for sending the seeds, kind.

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