Norfolk Holiday – Pensthorpe Part II

And now for the ‘green’ areas of Pensthorpe…

On the wildlife walk:

Clematis Rubens
Rubens and Wisteria
White Wisteria
A view looking back down the garden
A view over to one of the pond/lakes
Piet Oudolf’s Millennium Garden:

And that’s it!

As I said, I realise I was pushing it and have a feeling they created it to add interest in the late Summer/Autumn where the wildlife and woodland areas provide interest in the spring/early summer.
I guess it’s an excuse to go back later in the year sometime providing I have the time/money.

A woodland walk area, leading up towards the Red Squirrel enclosure:

No Red Squirrels to be seen, no surprise there as they generally hide away from 11am until evening – from my experience of them in Scotland where we have them come to feeders in the garden.

I didn’t take a great many photos of the green areas, I was mainly focused on getting the birds… Must remember for next time to take along a different lens for landscape shots! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Norfolk Holiday – Pensthorpe Part II

  1. Hi Liz…..What a lovely place……love the water. I wish I had a huge lake…..that is something I would love.Norfolk is beautiful, I spent many a holiday there during the 70's.

  2. Hope that you get back to see the garden again in the autumn Liz – I expect that the cold weather has held everything back as well. My Dad is from Norfolk so it's a county I am familiar with. Lots of great places to visit:)

  3. Mmm, the blue leaves of the hostas in the last shots are so pretty. My hostas are still unfurling their first sets of spring leaves. Hurry up, I say!

  4. Hi Cheryl,A huge lake… lol, I am sure you could fit a good sized ‘nature’ pond in there, that’s for sure!I’m loving Norfolk at the moment, it’s so pretty (ignoring the very flat parts! But even that holds some interest…)

  5. Hi Lona,There’s more tour to come… Well, more of the wildlife there anyway 🙂 Promise it’s my last instalment from Pensthorpe anyway. I might post some others of Norfolk but I think it might be getting a little tiresome now.

  6. Hi Anna,Great to hear your dad is from Norfolk, does he have the accent? It seems to be a rarity to hear the Norfolk accent… Everyone seems to be London, Suffolk or Essex, no doubt moving slightly further north for cheaper living?? Can’t blame them to be honest!I do plan on going back to Pensthorpe, I *have* to see Piet’s garden in full bloom and refuse to even attempt Wisley because it’ll be packed and I’m no fan of dense crowds.

  7. Hi VW,I have to agree, the Hosta’s are lovely! Mine are coming out now, but are not as large as these… One is looking particularly slug damaged already 😦

  8. Hi Joanne,Thank you very much, glad you liked them! Definitely try to visit Norfolk, it’s a very pretty place and a relatively small county so it’s easy to get to most areas for a day visit if you stay somewhere central.

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