We’re almost getting there!

It’s incredible how in just a few days so much can chage…

The new border seems to be maturing nicely, and I think once the millions of Poppies are out (I don’t remember putting so many Poppy seeds in the mix I spread!!!) then hopefully it will look far more impressive, even if they are only a temporary fix until the plants mature over the next few years.

Astrantia are opening and adding a nice little splash of pink to the new border and I seem to have too many Gladiolus!
Here we can see the poppy (and other) seedlings. I sprinkled the seeds around so can’t quite understand how I managed to get such massive clumps.
Monkshood and Aster are growing tall, no life on the verbena bonariensis 😦
Seedling clumps…
Not to worry… mistakes can always be rectified…

Weigela has suddenly begun to flower, I’m sure there were no signs of buds when I looked a couple of days ago!
More Marjorie
And more Rubens
More Allium
My first rose – Roseraie de L’hay.
Aubreita is still flowering
Geranium Ballerina has opened her delicate flowers
Black Lilyturf shows new growth, I am pleased they survived the winter
Lupin is nearly in flower, love love.
And for the finale…

American Wisteria bud! Thrilled it’s survived the winter and cannot wait for the flowers to open.
I need to get my potted seedlings and plants out this bank holiday weekend, they will grow far faster in the ground where they can spread their feet. We have: Nicotiana, Cosmos, Sweet Rocket, Cupid’s dart, Hollyhock and Angelica to plant…

Yesterday I even got brave and tried a little Sedum propagation, we’ll see how successful I was in a few weeks!

(yes, yes I realise sedum are probably the easiest plants in the world to propagate…please don’t burst my bubble lol)

10 thoughts on “We’re almost getting there!

  1. Hi Ginny,I think they will mostly be red, but there are also some California poppies in there which could be yellow, orange, pink, red or cream…Then I hope I also get some Blackcurrant Fizz and/or Black Peony poppies…Let's hope the weather is fine for me to get out in the garden, although saying that rain is needed right now!

  2. Hi Liz…..it always happens, clumps of seedlings. Next time try adding a handful of sand to your mix….you probably did that….it so, sorry for mentioning it.Glad the snails are keeping away from your lovely lupin. Have you tried sprinkling used coffee grounds around the base. Some say it works well…..Your garden is coming on well…..you have many pretty blooms. Look forward to the month ahead and watching your garden grow……

  3. Hi Cheryl,I was going to add sand but didn’t have any (had used it in the border), but I know I didn’t just stand in one place and pour them out! Lol, oh well, it’ll at least look pretty in clumps :)Yes I have used coffee grounds – pick them up from evil starbucks, they do work to some extent and they also help keep cats/fox off the garden too!I think the Lupin’s success this year can be placed on the little rain we’ve had. The slugs/snails haven’t really had a chance yet!The garden seems to be getting full at last, just a few more areas need work but it’s no major deal. The shady areas are generally the most problematic as I’ve put very little effort into them. Now I just need to get rid of all this clay – what an eyesore!!!

  4. Can't wait to see the poppies and the wisteria! :DI love the allium as well…I'm always afraid to plant it. Isn't it part of the onion/garlic family? I'm afraid it would spread like wildfire here lol. Or I could just be an idiot, because I don't know anything about allium LOL 😉

  5. Liz your Weigela is loaded with blooms it is going to be so pretty. I love the pink blooms against the dark foliage. You are going to have poppies! Maybe the rains clumped the seeds together. You sound like me anxious to get a new bed grown in ;-)Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. The poppy seeds probably washed down into clumps after you so carefully sprinkled them. Mine do.As hard as it is to thin, my experience is that thinned poppies make huge plants and the thick clumps make little wads of plants about 8 inches tall with a tiny bloom. I can't bear thinning. I may hire it done next year, lol.

  7. You were optimistic weren't you? Hoping to garden on a Bank Holiday!!! Daft bat! :Dmaybe it'll stop raining – on Tuesday!Your garden is looking great and your black lilyturf is looking in way better shape than mine …. Ceefer cat decided to give them all a bit of a trim! 😦

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