End of Month View – May

Yes, it’s that time once again…

We’ll start with the left border by the kitchen

Monster Buddleja is showing its true self… It won’t take long before it’s taking over again.
And the right border by the kitchen

Black Hollyhock
And now onto the upper areas of the garden

A few more plants have been added to the new border…
Everything seems to be growing up and not out…
This Clematis is in the wrong place, it needs more light… Tempted to let it climb up the feeder station and Elder.
Fuji Cherry is looking happy in its new home.
Rose, Weigela and other random plants.

8 thoughts on “End of Month View – May

  1. Hi Liz….your garden is looking lovely….Alliums and grasses, I like that combination very much. My pheasant grass has started to re-grow after the rabbits cropped it. I have netted it for the time being……yuk!The new border is coming along well. Are you pleased with it?Have your cupid's dart opened yet….mine are taking ages to open…Have a good week.

  2. Hi Liz, Your garden has so much going on, you have obviously put a lot of work in, it puts mine to shame but you have solved a mystery for me, I now realise that the plant in my garden, which I must have put in last year and has been puzzling me for several weeks is Yarrow…it all comes back to me now :)I put a new Weigela in two years ago (I can't remember its name) and it didn't have any flowers at all last year but this year it is laden, I just hope it stays as small as the label said it would. I had to move one (not the same type) which got too big for its spot and now it is much too big to move again but in completely the wrong place to do justice to the beautiful display it puts on each year.A great round up here, Liz and it's great to see how your garden is developing.

  3. Hi Tatyana,Heehee, thanks! I need more for next year so I can have them throughout the garden… Assuming of course I can make myself plant them rather than being lazy!

  4. Hi Cheryl,Thanks, still a long way to go but hopefully next year we'll see things falling into place!Glad to hear your Pheasant's grass is growing back, mine's looking quite happy at the moment, I have to wonder whether it'll get to its full size in one year… Doubt it.I am pleased with the new border in some respects, I just want it to mature now rather than being mainly bark chippings!Nup cupid's dart hasn't opened… it's a way off yet, I need to pot it on or plant it as its stuck and has barely grown in a month or so.Bad me.

  5. Hi Jan,Thanks, I'm glad you're liking the garden at the moment… I can't wait until it's mature and I have very little work to do other than weeding/dividing. I wonder if I'll be able to stop myself buying more and more plants…This Weigela here was in when we moved in, I'm no big fan but this year it has impressed me very much with the amount of blossom I have on it… I need to move the Astrantia next to it as the Weigela is now taking over.I think we need to see some shots of your garden 😉

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