Mid-Week Garden Update

I’m having difficulty believing it’s really June…

Clover is taking over the garden… I fear I need to get rid of it otherwise I’ll have no garden left! Of course I’ll wait until the flowers have gone, the Bees love them!
This wonderful Geranium greets you as you come through our gate. It’s fantastic ground cover and will flower for months.
Did I miss something? I can’t believe it’s June! Say it ain’t so, please??!!!

Iris is open, I have had it years and still it returns.
Lupin is stunning, I need to chop this though to get another flourish. Not to worry there is another flower so I’ll still have something.
Geranium Ballerina, I think I need to move this pretty little girl. Apparently she’s a good ‘alpine’ type and at the moment she gets a lot of shade.
For the first time we have plenty of Jasmine flowers coming. I’ve had it 3 years now and it’s only ever given me 3 flowers! I was beginning to wonder whether my ‘wall of jasmine’ would ever happen…
A pretty little beetle, it shines a wonderful green
Astrantia will grace us for a while yet, and I can expect a second flush if I chop it.
A short while ago I was hoping September would come quickly, now I can’t quite believe it’s so close.

Some might say I have too many Geraniums…
I have to disagree!
Sea Thrift
A pretty little self-sown wild flower – I think anyway? It’ll probably turn out to be highly invasive. I’ve had it a few years now.
Teeny tiny little forget-me-not which also self seeds everywhere. I don’t think you realise these flowers are probably no more than 5mm across!
A poppy, I believe welsh poppy?
Never happy are we? One moment we wish the months to pass, and the next cannot believe it when they do.

Have a good week, not far to go until the weekend!


9 thoughts on “Mid-Week Garden Update

  1. Liz….you can never have too many geraniums. I have dozens and it is still not enough. They tick every need in my book…..I have clover all over the garden…also in the alpine troughs. I am having trouble removing it. The bees love it so it can stay in the (so called) lawn…ha! Glad to hear your jasmine is doing well this year and I love your beautiful astrantia……Summer, I fear, will pass swiftly this year. In UK we have only just started to have some really decent weather…….hope autumn does not come too quickly.Have a good week…..I am off to the aquatic centre for some water soldiers……

  2. So many beautiful shots of what's blooming – I especially like the macro forget me nots! June is a nice month to be in:)

  3. I will have flowering lupins for the first time this year, having started them off from seed last year.Do you know how many years the lupin plants are likely to last?I have hollyhocks which are several years old. One is advised to treat them as biennials but I don't. They just trundle along perfectly happily.Esther

  4. Beautiful photographs Liz, my favorite is the Astrantia, it's gorgeous!It is funny, it seemed we were all whining that spring was never going to get here, and now it's just days until the official start of summer! I'm not ready either…I'm really really not ready…I still have some spring planting to do!

  5. Liz, Your photography is stunning, as usual. I love perennial geranium because it is so reliable – blooming the whole summer into fall. I just planted lupine for the first time … hope they are as lovely as yours. Pam x

  6. There is wonderful petal details on Ballerina. You really notice the dark veining against the pink. I like the way you get the shimmering bands running through many geranium flowers.

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