Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June

So, it’s that time once again… I still can’t believe it is June let alone it being mid way through!

It’s time for some of my favourite June blooms… I’ll try to keep it short!

First I’ll have to start with Astrantia, I have Roma, Rosea and another, which I cannot remember – it isn’t quite in bloom yet, but it’s a whitish pink one.

Of course, then there’s also the wonderful Clematis Marjorie…

Moving onto the Salvias bought in May… I love their purple, I do also have some I grew myself, some pinks but they haven’t yet flowered…

And finally Geranium ‘wargrave pink’, fantastic ground cover, fantastically long flowering period and the Bees love it.

It’s the large one in the background nearest the gate…
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens


28 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June

  1. Hiya Liz,That astrantia picture is something else! Amazing.C.'Marjorie' is an acquired taste. I never quite took to her. But it probably fits nicely into your colour scheme.The G."Wargrave pink" is lovely and so is its portrait.

  2. Hi Liz thankyou so much for visiting to see my blooms. I see we picked some similar blooms too! That little clematis looks so beautiful – I really hope some of mine flower this year as the winter took their toll on them and I've just thankfully got some new shoots.I love your style of photograpy.

  3. You have such beautiful photos, Liz. I've never tried growing astrantia, but that first photo is so stunning that it makes me want to go out and find this plant.I enjoyed seeing all the blooms in your garden, but I especially enjoyed finally coming to visit you, Liz. I've seen your comments on Cheryl's posts so often that I don't know why I've never stopped by before. Nice to meet you!

  4. I came across your blog at Blotanical but have a little trouble finding your plot. I think they're working on the directory! You have a lovely garden and awesome photography. I love your style of photography as well, I wish I knew more about cameras! I'm a Graphic Designer so I use Photoshop to blur out certain images but still learning about it. Please visit my mountain garden when you have a chance, thanks!

  5. Hi Esther,Haha, I’m glad you like the Astrantia! Such a wonderful flower and if you chop them they’ll give you a second show later… A must have in my opinion for any garden.

  6. Hi Su,I will convert everyone to loving Clematis Marjorie, even if it’s the only mark I make on the world! Ha ha ha! And now back to reality… It really is understated, and I look forward to the next few years as it matures and covers my fence.

  7. Hi Joco,Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s much appreciated!My garden is predominantly, purples, blues and pinks, so her creamy white with a hint of pink fits in very well.

  8. Hi CV,If you don’t have Astrantia in your garden I would really advise they’re a great buy! They flower for a good long while, the Bees love them and you can get a second flush later on if you chop them. Oh and of course they are great in vases – both fresh and dried. I have some in a small vase with Roses at the moment 🙂

  9. Hi Rosie,Glad to hear your Clematises have survived and are showing signs of life! My Clematis seem to have been fine, I have some young plants in pots which I kept near the house for protection. I think next year they will need planting somewhere.

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