Mystery Bee Is Not So Mysterious Any more.

A few blogs ago I mentioned a tiny Bee on the Clover flowers which seemed to be Blue… Photos I got were always poor because it never got close enough for me to snap away.

A few days later I was sat near my black Hollyhocks and the little Bee landed on one of the leaves. It promptly began eating/cutting the leaf and I assumed it was some sort of Leaf Cutting Bee.

It’s actually a Blue Mason Bee, it’s tiny and apparently they collect the leaves for their grubs…

Collecting the cut leaf into a ball against its abdomen…
And now about to set off with the ball in its mouth…
One ball abandoned as I scared one away by accident.
2 on a leaf, sometimes there were up to 4…
And here I was assuming weevils or slugs/snails were turning the leaves into rather fetching lace…


8 thoughts on “Mystery Bee Is Not So Mysterious Any more.

  1. Interesting. Here our Blue Orchard Mason Bees (Osmia lignaria) construct their nests of mud (hence the term 'mason', because they build mud walls between nest cells). I would have presumed a leaf-cutting bee too, rather than a Mason bee.

  2. Hi Liz….how interesting. I have never seen this bee.I have leaf cutter bees in the garden……they are extremely busy at the moment. They do not leave the little ball.You must have a nest nearby, or in your garden…… lovely.

  3. Hello Liz – was amazed at these wonderful images of your little bee in action. Have never seen this before so a real treat of a post for me. I have hollyhocks so will look out for themLaura x

  4. Interesting bee, great pictures 🙂 I always see bees and hummingbirds in my garden but too fast for me to get a photograph, one day I guess! Lately tons of butterflies have been coming around, I just love them!

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