Bloomin’ Tuesday

I’m beginning to accumulate photos far too quickly, so I’m going to be posting lots at once just to get them out of the way!

So today I’m joining in with Bloomin’ Tuesday hosted by Jean.

Mmmm Californian Poppies!

Veronicastrum… Mmmm I cannot imagine how that got in there………. 🙂
Pheasant’s Tail grass beginning to ‘flower’
And this Geranium is following in the steps of the monster Campanula and is attempting world domination.
Bidens finally joins the party.
And wild Raspberrys growing in our Privet hedge are ripe.
Some kind of Sedum I really ought to have taken note of the name…
I am going to water the garden this evening if this ‘rain’ never arrives. On my way home there was the odd spot which dried within seconds.


16 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Tuesday

  1. Hi Liz….is it me, or is everything in a rush this summer. My purple loosestrife is in bloom, about three weeks too early. Some my plants have finished, even though they have been dead-headed regularly.You have lots and lots of things I love in your garden. Californian poppy images are gorgeous. My pheasant grass is looking quite pathetic……I think something is having a munch every now and then.Your garden is looking lovely……

  2. Hi Cheryl,I think things seem to be giving up thanks to the heat and extreme dry.The wonderful pink Geranium in the front which I've posted previously is going over already, I think I didn't water it enough so I'm going to have to chop it back and hope I get a second show in August/September.All my Pheasant's grasses are looking wonderful, I must say! I'm loving their tails and can certainly see where the Pheasant's Tail grass gets its name.The Opium Poppies are blooming now and the next lot of photos will include them… I'm so excited about these photos, honestly I'm having difficulty explaining just how much they inspired and inspired me.

  3. Lovely photos, Liz! I'm glad you're choosing to share them vs tossing them to the curb. Your poppy photos are especially captivating, along with your raspberries. Pretty!

  4. They all look beautiful, Liz. The Californian Poppies are gorgeous and those wild raspberries look rather tasty :)In answer to your question my Yarrow is a slightly strange sort of mustard colour and like everything else it is suffering from lack of rain. I seem to have moved away from posting garden flowers at the moment but you never know… Great sky shots on the last post! The last few reminded me of a Turner painting.

  5. I loved the contrast of the vivid yellow poppies – like sunshine itself – and then the cool blue geranium shot. I love your pictures!

  6. Hi Liz… side bar tells me you have posted …..but when I pop over, it is your previous post.For some reason it isn't showing…..I will try again later.

  7. Hi Kimberly,After I posted I realised I've left out a whole load I intended on adding… I'm not sure if I'll get around to posting them now as there are updates waiting in the sidelines!Arghhh lol, and yet come December there will be nothing at all to post…

  8. Hi Jan,The Raspberries are very nice, I had a nibble on one today and although a little zingy, they were very tasty! I will harvest the rest tomorrow/over the weekend.It's strange that these should have far more taste than my 'cultivated' Raspberries! Shame they're spikey though…I'm glad you liked the sky photos, I have more from the past week as we've had some stunners!I think we need to see your Yarrow though! Mine's strange… Last year it was a light pink colour, and the first 2 heads which have opened have been the same shade, but one's opened a Fuchsia colour!!!!

  9. Hi VW,Thank you very much, as no fan of yellow, the Californian Poppies are doing a wonderful job at the moment and I've found myself loving the yellow and green combination.That border is quite a riot of colours now as the other Poppies have opened… Photos will come in the next few days!

  10. Hi Cheryl,Try again tomorrow morning, I was an idiot and scheduled it to post on the wrong date and it wasn't supposed to appear until tomorrow morning.Whoops.

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