Rainy Monday!

Rainy Monday!

Rain at last!!! I think we’re due for it to last all day, I wonder if it will cause flash flooding?

But anyway, I still have so many photos I need to post that it’s getting silly now… So forgive me!


Danish Flag Poppy
One of many Gaura
Verbena Bonariensis and Aster stand tall
Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’ from the comfort of the grass
Interesting clouds
Beautiful, wonderful, amazing roses in the front garden
Sweet Peas in the back
Gatekeeper on Sea thrift
More Gaura teasing me…
Allium ‘purple sensation’ seed heads with Drumstick Allium almost in bloom
Campanula taking over the Veronica and massive Hollyhock in the background
We’ve seen a continuation of the wonderful sunsets:

Are these real clouds or ‘chem trails’?

New border
Black Peony Poppy – will definitely save some of these seeds!
Yarrow… Now, I want to know… How is it possible to have three different coloured heads on the one plant? Scroll down and there’s a pale pink photo, then there’s this one a fuchsia pink and there’s another that is just opening which is a wonderful dusky pink.
I can see why this is called Pheasant’s Tail Grass now, wonderful.
See a pale pink one…
Peony Poppy
Is this also a Peony Poppy but without the frilly centre or is it a different type all together?? I’ll save the seeds anyway.
Phew, I got lots of the photos posted… Yay. Still more to come though!!


21 thoughts on “Rainy Monday!

  1. Hi LIz…..new border, gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I am sure you are pleased with the end result.How much do I love the peony poppy….I had one open yesterday, and the torrential rain last night finished it off. Ha! Not complaining, I am more than happy with the rain, hope it lasts for a few more days…..I have seen different colour blooms on yarrow before, not sure how it works but it is beautiful…….My pheasant tail grass is just showing signs of recovering after the rabbits devoured it. It is now amongst other plantings so hopefully it may survive the rest of the summer.Lovely post, lovely blooms, lovely garden…………

  2. Gorgeous, wonderful, stunning etc! I think I need to borrow you for a lesson in macro photography – how yer fixed?!Thank goodness it's rained – my ground was rock 'ard and we're on a water meter!!

  3. Congratulations on the rain! I'm sure your plants are rejoicing! Your flower border is filled with such gorgeous plants. I love them all. Gaura is one of my all time favorites, and I also love your poppies! Isn't it fun to watch the sky? So much goes on up there. I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks!

  4. Hi Cheryl,I am very pleased with it, although the poppies are now mostly over, I have ripped a lot of them out to make space for the nigella and Californian poppies growing through them. I’ve left the black poppies so I can collect the seeds and then I’ll plant the anemones.The rain is supposed to last for the rest of the week I think, certainly the grey clouds are and then things warm up for the weekend and we have another 30 day next Monday!Glad to hear it isn’t just my yarrow which has different colours, although it is still very pretty and it makes it more interesting to have the differing shades…. I need to divide it for next year as it’s certainly very happy…

  5. Hi Ginny (2),What are the chances of having two Ginny’s post in a row??? Heee hee.Thanks for visiting and leaving a post on my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos too! Fantastic to see another person with a similar experience with Yarrows, I was beginning to wonder whether I had bought a magic one for a moment 🙂

  6. Hi Liz,Lol, how am I fixed?? Hee hee. If I give all my secrets away then my images will become pedestrian, we can’t have that!!! ;)But seriously, if you need help; let me know.Our ground is solid too, I’ve put off planting things knowing there will be little point in even attempting to get them in the ground. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them in later this week or over the weekend.

  7. Hi Debs,How is your garden doing? I assume not so well in your heat?Gaura is wonderful, I have 6 plants dotted around at the moment and am itching to also get myself some white ones… I love their butterfly blooms, so pretty and dance around in the wind.I haven’t watched the sky in a long time, ok I watch the view from my window across the city but haven’t laid on the grass and looked up in a long time. But as I would out on the blanket reading a book I began to notice them once more. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a child again, back when summers were spent staring at the sky daydreaming.

  8. Hi Priscilla,Thank you very much! The roses are likely ruined now as we’ve had some rain, so the blooms are probably tainted… But at the same time it was a much needed douse, as things were really beginning to suffer. I do wonder whether it will become common for us to have hard winters and hard summers now.

  9. Hi Heather,Sadly I won’t have enough seeds to share around with people, I only had 1 or 2 of the peony poppies (more of the fizz) and need to save some for myself as well as other friends I offered to.Perhaps next year when hopefully I have a sea of them then yes I will be able to offer them around to anyone who may like some.

  10. Beautiful photos again, Liz. The poppies look gorgeous! I had Verbena Bonariensis last year but somewhere along the line it has disappeared. I think it wasn't in quite the right place.No rain at all here until late morning and it has rained all afternoon, we needed it desperately.

  11. Hi, Liz, Sorry I haven't visited lately … been too busy watering. But we had rain at last, too. I love your new border. You have posted so many lovely blooms, I can't pick a favorite. Interesting sky shots, too. Pam x

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