Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – July

It’s mid July and finally we get the much due rain after not really having much at all since early spring. The past few months have been very dry and I think it’s caused many of my plants to get behind in their growth, added to the hard winter and late spring it makes for a rather boring and empty garden.

So I’ll post my highlights for the month so far…

Somewhat predictably that it would be the new border’s Poppies!

Love, love!
The dusky pink yarrow head, I think I like this colour the best!
More Gaura
White wood Aster in the new border, will add more colour when the Poppies are finished.
Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’
Pheasant’s grass flower/seed heads float in the breeze
Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dream’s Gardens, if you fancy joining in!


12 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – July

  1. Hi, Liz! I really love these photos. The poppies are so beautiful, and I especially like the little coreopsis and the grass photo. I'm fascinated by simple field flowers and grasses. Very pretty!

  2. Hi Liz….Poppy paradise….mine have not done too well this year. Can't work out why perhaps it is just one of those years.Coreopsis are lovely….cannot grow them here as the rabbits love them. I did try for several years but gave up in the end. The image of the pheasant tail grass is beautiful…..very magical.We had a storm last night and heavy rain……today it is blowing a gale, I am still not complaining (yet)…..

  3. Hi Cheryl,I imagine mine have only done so well thanks to the border being new and them having plenty of nutrient-rich compost, top soil, soil improver and heaven knows what else to keep them very happy.I’m a little disappointed with this coreopsis, the flowers seem to be poor, they’re mis-shapen compared to the second one I have in a border… this one was planted in a massive pot as a focal point but thanks to the dodgy flowers, it isn’t quite the focal point I had in mind!We too had a storm, lightning and very heavy rain which cleared up and out came the lovely sun… then the next thing you know, it was raining heavily again!Today has been a mixed bag, started nice, had some heavy rain mid morning and we’re back to sun with cloud. I’m also not quite complaining… yet… as long as I see blue sky and sun then I’m happy, it’s sheet grey which depresses me.

  4. Hi Kimberly,Thanks! I’m getting into small daisy, simple flowers too and this year even have bidens. I’m aiming for clouds of elegant flowers, so fleabane, coreopsis, bidens… all are new to me, and I am sure I have made some mistakes with them.

  5. Gorgeous poppies! I never have very good luck with Gaura – though I keep trying. 🙂 I just love those dainty flowers and stems. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. aloha,i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially those macros of your poppies, wish i could grow those herethanks for sharing your blooms today.

  7. Gorgeous photos of the poppies Liz. Gaura was one of my favorites at our last house ('Siskyou pink' I think it was), I used to love to watch it move in a light breeze, and it was a wonderful space-filler too.

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