Ok, who stole the sun?

It’s about time we had the sun back now. Enough of this dull weather thankyouverymuch.

You don’t have to own up, just give it back and I won’t say a word.

Big plans for this border next year. Every year it’s a let down, it’s just too shady because it’s so steep and then the Buddleja takes over and casts yet more shadow. The plants are wrong, so it’s time to get it sorted!!
Does anyone know whar type of wasp this is? I know it isn’t your usual yellowjacket as it’s too small, thin etc.
Wish me luck, I’m off to Dobbies today…I may come back with more than I bargained for!


17 thoughts on “Ok, who stole the sun?

  1. I'm afraid we've got the sun- can we swap as 'my desert is waiting' …for rain and a soothing cool. Not sure about your wasp but did wonder if it was a variety of hoverfly – this is a great site for identificationhttp://www.ukwildlife.bravehost.com/article/hover/hover2.htmlLove your images Laura

  2. I admit it! I took it! But now I don't want it and it won't leave :(It's going to be sunny and 46C today at the hottest point of the day. BLEAH.

  3. Hi Liz…..don't know how to tell you but I have the sun. It keeps coming back and I don't want it.I think the wasp may be a potter wasp….it certainly looks like one. Perhaps you can check it out. I would be interested to know if that is right. I have never seen one before but have read about them.You have some lovely blooms Liz…..and some exciting buds…….everything is moving quickly, don't you think?Hope you got some lovely plants or maybe I shouldn't be saying that…….

  4. Hi Su,Thanks!I did enjoy my shopping actually, it was too hot though and we were in a rush as we had to then go to the cinema. In all a nice day, with perhaps too much money spent and not even the plants I went for! Whoops 🙂

  5. Hi Laura,Ooooh, please give me some sun… Although I'm cheating a little as we've had too much sun today and I was far too hot, sticky and flustered. Tomorrow is all set to be a muggy one, but dull yet again.

  6. Hi Catharine,We've had some short spells of sun but for the past two weeks it's been majority cloud (muggy) with some very heavy rain a few days ago.Any shots with sun in were a case of me running outside at the first hint of yellow light! 😀

  7. Hi Kyna,Ah, it was you then!!! *shakes fists* How very dare you steal my sun… Although if I have to take dull and 23C or sunny and 46C I think I'd rather stick with my clouds thanks…Eeeeek 46C, surely that's crazy hot?

  8. Hi CV,Ouch, and here I was living safe in the knowledge places like Cali get more sun than anywhere in the UK…I think Kyna has our sun though, perhaps we need to have words with her!

  9. Hi Cheryl,I cannot believe you stole my sunshine, that's just mean.Mind, I am grateful for all the rain we've had, I'm just ready for the sun to come back now.Grass in the city centre is growing back after being completely dead for the past few weeks and my lawns seem to be recovering – although they were not as bad as the public spaces in the city.We've had a hot, heavy day today… Tomorrow is meant to be the same but hotter. Oh joy. Ah yes, thank you I think you may well be right about it being a Potter's wasp.Yep I have some plants… Not really anything I intended to get… But it is the wrong time of year for them.

  10. Beautiful pictures like always, I love the bees. You definitely have talent for photography. We have too much sun and it's hot here right now. We could use some rain!

  11. Hi Liz, I believe we have your sunm, held hostage in Tennessee. High temps and higher humidity are making it nearly unbearable to be outside. I think we should give it back to you now, in a show of good neighborliness. I love the idea of next year! Have fun in the planning, but the big question is, what did you buy at Dobbies!???Frances

  12. Oh, and a p.s. I think we have your sun. It's been blazing here, and we've officially entered the first phase of drought. I'll gladly give it back, if you'll send us some grey clouds, their bellies slung low, pendulous with rain.

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