Copper Summer Days

The Small Copper returned… It’s also Friday!

She’s determined to get all the nectar she can…
*really* determined!
Big, scary changes are unfolding for me…
I know I longed for September.
Sometimes, be careful what you wish for.
It might just happen!
It all seemed like such a good idea almost a year and a half ago, now I cannot help but wonder if I’ve made a huge mistake.

Today I left work for the last time and enter the world of the unknown. I start my MSc in September and hope to gain enough work exprience to ensure I have a job when I finish.

I’ve no idea why I’m grieving like I’ve lost a dear friend or family member. I cannot put into words my emotions, they don’t make sense.


33 thoughts on “Copper Summer Days

  1. Hi Liz…..the small copper is one of my favourite butterflies…..I shall be sad to see them go.I understand how you feel but as with most things this time will pass.I am sure you are wise enough to have made the right decision, there will be new challenges ahead for you, but I get the impression that you will face them head on and come out the other side smiling.Best of luck with everything……

  2. Entering into the unknown in life is very scary. That's how I felt when I left everything behind in Canada and moved here. Good luck in your journey, you'll do awesome! 😀

  3. Liz, that small copper once had to venture into the unknown, and look how well she's doing! You'll be fine. You've closed one chapter, and are now preparing to write another. Big change is a little scary, I did a similar thing when I pursued my doctorate. Quit my job, moved house, moved cities actually! Everything was very different, all at once. As with any new chapter, the opening sentence is always the hardest the write. The rest will flow. You'll look back on this change in the future, and realize that this investment in yourself was more than worth it. Good luck!

  4. Wonderful post Liz! A lovely way to mark your change in life. Congratulations! Best of luck in your new journey. Saying goodbye can be hard but your new life will no doubt embrace you with great challenges and joy. I certainly wish you all the very best. I love these soft photos which so perfectly seem to reflect your feelings. ;>)

  5. Liz, if you had not made this choice, you'd always have wondered, What if.. And you will now also suffer from the What if (I had kept put) It's how our minds works. And I wish you good luck, girl! With your persona you will make the best of it, no matter what.

  6. Change is always scary, even when you know deep down that it's the right move at the right time!Enjoy your break now and you'll be raring to go when you start your MSc …..I'm dead proud of you for making your future happen 🙂

  7. Liz, Beautiful post! Congratulations on your decision. I know how scared you must feel … I moved from England to USA, then went back to college in this strange country for my BSc. I followed up with a masters degree when I was 50 no less. I have no regrets and you wont have any either. Wishing you all the best! Pam x

  8. Your post is really a good one. You can never tell if your decision is really right or wrong until you see the results and the results will depend on you. If you don’t want to have a bad result you should be determined to prove that your decision is right and it will get you into your success. Like the butterfly in your photos, it is determined to get the nectar and never give up until it gets what it needs.

  9. Hi Liz, I read this post at work yesterday, and can't remember if I left a comment that you haven't moderated yet. I hope you enjoy your new adventures. I remember looking up MSc, and I'm thinking it was a master of science degree. Is it actually science you area studying? I could see why you would be going for that. Thanks for your comment on my critter post.

  10. Hi Bangchik,Thank you very much! I do hope it will all be worth it, now I just need to remain determined to do as well as I possibly can. We all need goals, and I've had enough of being mediocre.

  11. Hi Cheryl,Thank you, now I just need to pluck up the courage to enrol online… That's a little too scary right now, but it needs to be done!It seemed strange going into the city today and not going to work and knowing I would never go in a work capacity again. An odd feeling, knowing I will next enter as a student (I worked at the Uni).

  12. Hi Kyna,Ah, I can well imagine how scary it must be leaving to live in a whole other country. I'd be too scared!My main worry is having work when I finish, it's a tough climate out there. So I need to get as high grades as I can and make the most of my work experience, I start next Tuesday 🙂

  13. Hi James,Thanks for your well wishes, it’s much appreciated!Confidence never was my middle name… I’m slowly learning to be – or could that be classed as blagging your way???!!

  14. Hi Camilla,Thank you very much!I hope this change is for the better… I never would have made the decision otherwise… I knew something had to change, and I thought I’d be ok with it. It was a surprise to suddenly then become upset! I’ve been waiting for this for over a year, you’d think I would’ve been skipping out of the doors! (which I almost was!)

  15. Hi CV,Thank you very much for the comforting words, thankfully I am not making quite such drastic changes as you did, that might have tipped me over the edge I think with so many different stresses. But sometimes it’s good to start completely…I start my work experience next week and hope it doesn’t put me off! Hee hee. I’ve already worked in a similar industry so hope I have a relatively good idea of what to expect.

  16. Hi Carol,Thank you, I guess I was feeling melancholy… lol could you tell? :)It’ll be a tough few weeks as I adjust back to the student lifestyle… Perhaps avoiding the drinking this time though!

  17. Hi Pete,Thank you very much! And yes, it’s always nice to see the less common flutters… This one – at least I assume it’s the same one – has visited a while ago… I’d be even more impressive if there are more than one around, I hear they usually form little colonies in an area??

  18. Hi Yoke,Ah ha, I know what would’ve happened if I’d stayed where I was… I’d go mad! Staying in the same office day in, day out is not for me. I missed my previous jobs too much where I was out and about travelling across the city. I’d spend most of my time staring out of the window in last job. I just cannot sit indoors all day.Thank you very much for the confidence booster, it’s always uplifting to hear nice things said about yourself 🙂

  19. Hi Liz,If only I did have a break… I’ve set up work experience to run up until induction week (that won’t be of much use to me, since I worked at the University for 4 years!!! Grrrrr, waste of time, but we have to meet people. Oh how I love forced fun, but that’s a different rant.)Pete has been off ill this week with muscle strain and now has a cold, so my ‘relaxing’ week off isn’t turning out quite as I had planned…Making my future happen seemed like such a good idea a year ago, sadly doubts have since popped up. Mainly along the lines of being able to afford my mortgage when I graduate!

  20. Hi Pam,Thank you very much, although my worries are nothing compared to yours! Imagine trying to study in a totally different school system… lol. My friend had a year at Illinois as part of his BSc and seemed to really enjoy it!

  21. Hi Barbara,Thank you very much, I am sure all will work out… Change is good, I like to change, I don’t often stay in jobs too long either because it’s always good to learn something new :)It’s a little eerie going back to the Uni though, almost like going back to previous schools and reminiscing about your time there.

  22. Hi Kala,Thank you, indeed always look forward. I will not allow myself to regret any decisions, this is for my own future, as well as my boyfriends!

  23. Hi Rose dipped,I am determined to get good results, through school I underachieved and this time I am determined to do as well as I possibly can. I’ve had enough of doing ‘ok’, I want to be excellent! Lol. Aiming high never hurt anyone… did it? 😀

  24. Hi Heather,Thanks :)The weeks will fly by before I start, I just know they will! The past year has, I cannot believe it was Jan/Feb 2009 when I began pursuing this, yet the strangest thing is, all that time dragged when it was the present!

  25. Hi Sue,Indeed, an MSc is a master of science, I am not strictly going into a typical science area though – Urban and Regional Planning. I’ll be one of those people everyone moans about when there are building works, developments, architecture or even if you simply want to extend your house (in the UK at least).Although to be honest I’m aiming to move into sustainability, with green roofs, sustainable developments, wildflower planting and so on. I have no plans to be building super cities and skyscrapers.

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