September or is it November??

It’s only September and already it’s feeling more like November… It’s been poor for the past couple of months, we’re used to the weather perking up during September and October but so far, no such luck.

The garden seems to have pretty much given up the ghost, there are some flowers still hanging on in there and thankfully more Asters yet to come into flower.

Jasmine is showing wonderful Autumnal colours

Rudbekia adds a little colour to garden
The yellow rose is attempting to bloom again.
Thankfully the Scabious are still around and blooming, very impressed with them.
This Phlox is only just coming into bloom… Rather late!
Pyracantha berries are becoming more engorged, the birds will enjoy them!
One of the last Crocosmia blooms, I’m grateful for the colour at the moment.
I think this is some feverfew, I’ve no idea how it got into the ‘new’ border, but since I lost my other plant in the winter it’s a pleasant surprise.
Some more Asters are almost in bloom.
There are many buds, and I look forward to it providing plenty of nectar for the insects so late in the season.
Cupid’s dart still hasn’t flowered… Oh well.
I hope the Sweet Peas continue for a while yet 🙂


10 thoughts on “September or is it November??

  1. Hi Pam,The temperatures are quite mixed, we can go from 15oC to 21/24 in a day, this is what's so frustrating. One minute it's freezing and you're considering putting the heating on, yet the next it's glorious. I've spent the past couple of hours or so enjoying the sun, not quite hot enough to burn but almost there.I do hope the weather's ok for your visit though, nothing worse than the usual blanket grey.

  2. It has been very much like November here lately…until today 🙂 We have actually had some lovely warm sunshine, such a treat!Lovely photos again and still so much going on in your garden.

  3. Sometimes I want to say how much I like a particular picture but can't because it's too difficult to explain which one I mean. You photos are always so delicate and interesting – I don't suppose there's a way (discreetly) of numbering them is there?Esther

  4. The Sweet Pea and Rudbeckia images are gorgeous. Our weather was too hot this summer for the blossoms, but we are enjoying beautiful weather here this September.

  5. Lovely photos, Liz; you have so many different blooms for this late in the season. The pincushion flowers are so pretty and such a variety of colors! I've never had much luck keeping them here. Here in our part of the US it feels more like August than September–we've had sweltering heat, and and with the lack of rain, my garden is not looking too good at all. Thanks for visiting me!

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