Autumn Melancholy

The days now seem significantly shorter, dusk arrives around 6:30, and it just doesn’t seem right somehow… Where have my nice long days gone?

Autumn flowers continue to do well…

Skimmia is preparing for Spring
Garrya will provide some much needed winter interest
And the birds will appreciate the berries of Cotoneasters and Pyracantha
Autumn morning dew sparkles on Sage
Yet another flush from Roseraie de L’hay
The large ‘bushy’ Aster is beginning to flower, I need to find the tag for its name…
My plans to plant the rest of the bulbs today have been scuppered, we were forecast sun/white cloud, instead we have heavy fog. I can barely make out the houses at the end of our short cul-de-sac.


14 thoughts on “Autumn Melancholy

  1. Hi Liz….the sun is beaming here and I am so relieved. I need this for the next ten days so that they can finish the roof.We had fog first thing but it lifted fairly quickly.Love the white aster…..makes a change from the lilacs…..Your grass looks long…..mine is growing by the minute and it is way too wet to use the tractor mower. I think I may end up with a meadow if I am not careful!!Enjoy your weekend and try to not to think too much about the length of the days…..

  2. Hi Cheryl,I think you must've given us your bad weather because we've had wonderful sun since Monday and today is just gloomy and was foggy.This 'bushy' Aster is my second white Aster, I also have 'flat topped Aster', it's almost finished flowering now but I can't complain because it started way back in August. The flowers are now being replaced with fluffy seed heads.The grass was long yes, I cut it on Tuesday though and I was waiting for today to cut the front lawn too but that was cancelled along with the bulb planting. Grr.

  3. Hope you are able to get your autumn tasks done soon. Our mums are full of buds at the moment, it might be a bit longer before we have blooms. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. 🙂

  4. Hope the fog lifted, so you could plant your bulbs .. you had quite a few to plant (comment on my blog). I have never seen the white aster. I like it, a lot. LOve the last photo.

  5. With our shorter days and my twelve hour or more work days, I am now driving to and from work in the dark! Inside the hospital there is little connection with the outdoors. On my off days it is a great relief to get outside. The weather here is very nice. Too nice – we need rain again. I, too, miss the longer days but I am enjoying more moderate temperatures.Your autumn blooms are beautiful. The unnamed aster may be my favorite.

  6. Liz I wish I could see just a little glimpse of sunshine so that it would illuminate the autumn foliage here but alas we seem to have a north sea haar pver this part of Scotland while the rest of the country is enjoying glorious autumnal weather. I just bought a white aster as I thought it would make a nice change from the purples and pinks that I have in the front garden. Your's looks like it is laden with blooms and I loved that macro of one single bloom aswell.

  7. Your mums look similar to mine. Are they Belgian mums? They sure are pretty!Your days are over before ours. It's been getting dark around 7 p.m. in Nebraska. We're still on daylight savings time. I am not a fan of winter, so I have to remind myself to enjoy fall while it lasts.

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