Hydrangea Skeletons

I hope everyone is well, apologies for the silence for a while. I’ve been swamped with far too much to do and have spent pretty much every waking minute reading various papers or doing various bits of research. We have our first test next week and then after that a flurry of papers, assignments and presentations. Lots of fun.

We do still have a few plants in flower, the Cosmos still hasn’t flowered… Will they manage it before the hard frosts? Answers on a postcard, please.


16 thoughts on “Hydrangea Skeletons

  1. Lovely photos – they are even more amazing like this than when they were in flower aren't they? I've been waiting for a perennial hibsicus to flower, but I fear the frost got the nearly open buds. Hope you have better success with your cosmos!Su

  2. Those photos are quite surreal and I love them, they're fantastic.My cosmos were late starting with the flowers this year but they're still going even though we've had a few frosts – so there's always hope that yours may flower! (ever the optimist, me!)Hope all your test and assignments go well.

  3. Lovely images of the skeleton blooms.My cosmos were so late too. They did start blooming though and I have enjoyed them while the other flowers died back so maybe your will be the same. Life gets hectic at times. I hope your tests go by very well.

  4. Hi Su,I must admit, I do prefer them dried… Not a fan of them otherwise, but we inherited a bush when we bought the house and it's making an otherwise empty area look a little more interesting, so it can stay for now :)We've had a frost so far, but it hasn't killed off the Cosmos… Yet anyway… I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

  5. Hi Liz,Thanks muchly :)I hope the test isn't too bad, it's a 'seen' test before so basically we just have to memorise something and write it out. Seems pointless to me and causing unneccessary stress as I hate exams. Might as well just make it an essay, since that's pretty much what it is!!! Grrrr.

  6. Hi Lona,Glad to hear your Cosmos have flowered… Not sure I'll try them next year, this year I started them really early to ensure an early show… What a waste of time.I'm considering moving my bushy Aster 'Lady in Black' to the area I normally have the Cosmos instead.

  7. Hi Helen,These Hydrangea flower heads are actually last year's heads. This years have almost lost all their colour, but still have some pink left.I'm studying for an MSc in Urban and Regional Planning. With a particular interest in sustainability, green spaces, green roofs and planting for wildlife and such.

  8. Fabulous images Liz….very mystical, magical. Love them.I thought you may get tied up with your studies. I know just how demanding it can be. Hope that you are coping and enjoying the challenges.I have just arrived home from Spain. There has obviously been some very heavy frosts as a lot of the plants are damaged. My father lost all his cosmos due to the frost. It is raining at the moment…….I can hear it pattering on the conservatory roof.Enjoy your weekend Liz and do have some time 'just for you'

  9. Fab photos as ever – good luck with the studying! My cosmos 'Purity' is still flowering, having not really started until mid September. Unfortunately it is in a pot with a Dahlia, I suspect I will have to dig it out before it is done in order to save the Dahlia from certain death…

  10. Great photos Liz! You must keep us informed on the Cosmos, I didn't have any this year but hope to next, I think I will buy a few as well established plants in the hope they will flower at a sensible time :)Good luck with the studies!

  11. Hi Cheryl,I think at the moment I am probably putting too much pressure on myself to read so much, but that's mainly because I'm at a disadvantage to some people on the course who are currently working in the industry and already know many of the acronyms, or laws, policies and so on.But it's all good for myself anyway, but yes I do need to have a break and I've taken it much slower for the past couple of days… I just need to ensure I get back into it tomorrow!I hope you had a nice time in Spain, oh how I would've loved a holiday… Only another 6 months or so before it's possible. Grrrrr.

  12. Hi Jan,No news on the Cosmos, the buds are still very much teasing me. Perhaps I'll get a couple open before they're killed off.I should've bought some, but because I'd sown them so early, I honestly didn't think they would let me down.

  13. Hi Debs,Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the photos :)This time of year is especially difficult to see beauty, certainly by January things are looking really rather sad and bare.

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