Macro Monday

More of those fluffy Aster seed heads, they don’t look quite so soft anymore, high winds have seen some seeds disperse and perhaps even some birds eating them – I’ve no idea if the birds will, mind you!

If you too would like to participate in macro Monday, pop over to Lisa’s Chaos


22 thoughts on “Macro Monday

  1. Hi Liz, I love seedheads, sometimes more than the actual blooms. Your photographic skills show them to their very best… always, you inspire me.It is blowing a gale here and we have torrential rain. The drive is now a lake…..well pond , I am prone to be a drama queen (or so my son tells me). It is actually raining ice (that is true) and really cold (4C).Just going out in the elements to get some logs from the store. I shall be lighting a fire tonight for sure….Have a good week.

  2. Great photos Liz, they really convey the fluffiness.I thought I had commented on your last post, I definitely looked at it, I think I probably got called away from the computer before I was able to comment 😦 Just wanted to say though that I thought the Viola and Cyclamen photos were really beautiful! Any sign of those Waxwings yet? None here so far but then there is nothing much in my garden to attract them :(You mentioned on my blog about not being told by your blog thingy when I have posted. Did you mean the thing on the dashboard? If so I noticed a few weeks ago that you had disappeared from my followers (I definitely didn't remove you, I thought perhaps you had abandoned me! :)), that would explain why you don't see my updates though!

  3. HI Liz, just saw your comment on my post. I will be posting a birthday gift tomorrow. I bought it several months ago. I remembered your birthday was November but not the exact date.I hope you will like it……

  4. Hi Cheryl,I know what you mean about the seedheads, this can be especially true of some Clematis which have wonderful fluffy seeds, which are perhaps more appealing than their flowers!It's raining heavily here too, thankfully I don't think it's sleet/snow/ice though. But snow is forecase over the Peaks, so we may get some here too…I have a nice thick jumper on at the moment, so no need for the heating, but I'm sure I'll give in at some point.Btw, thank you very much for the present! My birthday is next Monday, so you need not rush to get it posted.

  5. Hi Jan,I'm glad you liked the Cyclamen/viola shots, there will be more to come next week as both are still flowering and adding some much needed colour!No sign of Waxwings no, I'm not even sure if any have been sighted in Sheffield, but I do believe some have been seen in Chesterfield which isn't far.Regarding your blog, indeed my dashboard just doesn't seem to tell me you've posted. I've added you again and hope it works from now on. I haven't deleted you – I haven't deleted anyone off my list before – Some of the people I follow haven't posted in months/a year! I really ought to clean my list up though 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures of your Aster seedheads Liz. We have a fair few native Asters that have gone to seed this year in our orchard, now that the deer can't mow them down before they bloom. I actually gathered a few seeds over a few mornings, hoping I can spread them around the garden a bit. I hope they sprout!

  7. Thank you Liz, I see you are on my followers again 🙂 hopefully you should see new posts in future, blogger can be so temperamental! We have had rain all day here, cold too 😦 I have already given in with the heating, I expect that is it until the Spring now…roll on Spring… :)Many happy returns for Monday, have a lovely day!

  8. Hi CV,Do Asters have a good success rate for self seeding? I’m not sure I want these ones all over the garden as they are rather tall – come up to my shoulders and I’m average height! But they might be useful elsewhere and I could probably offer some to my neighbour to replace the ones her son gave to me.

  9. Hi Kala,Thanks, now I just need to decide whether to chop them down for winter or leave them… Normally I would leave them but I’m unsure whether they will just look a massive eyesore.

  10. Hi Jan,Monday was horrible here too, I think it’s pretty much the same across the country for the next few days or so to be honest. But yes I have to agree, it’s likely to remain this cool for a good while now, we might perhaps see the odd day in November reach 12 or 13 degrees, but they will be few and far between.Thank you for the birthday wishes, it’s much appreciated :)It's still early yet to be able to predict the weather, all I ask for is sunshine… See, I'm easily pleased!

  11. Gloriously fluffy Liz. I have not looked at my asters recently but judging by the winds that we have tonight there will be little in the way of seedheads left 🙂

  12. Dear Liz, Your pictures make me want to touch those soft, fluffy seedheads.I am in England right now. The weather has been dreadful so I haven't done anything in my Mum's garden … … but it's good to be home.Love, Pam x

  13. Liz, I love your way with a lens. Second from the last is so wonderfully warm and perfectly captures this season for me. We had a day a couple of weeks back when the air was full of fluff from the seedheads releasing, most of it buff-colored and white. It looked like the fairies were having a celebration and ordered the roadside free-plants to release their confetti for it. 🙂

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