Here we go again

So, the snow arrived… I suppose I ought to be grateful that the initial forecast for snow every day this week didn’t happen…

I used to love snow, but something’s changed. I think earlier this year just ruined all sense of excitement at seeing the white stuff. Now I just dread a repeat of January and the battle with the snow.

Looking at photos of this time last year is shocking to see how much more life was still in the garden. I still had Sweet Peas on the 29th!

Early morning shot before the sun had come around the houses.

There isn’t a great deal left out there to photograph


24 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Hi Liz, wonderful images. I was so surprised to see the tomatoes.Loved the little pansy peeking out from under it's duvet.I am surprised you had so much in the garden, till now.The harsh frosts we have experienced have just about finished everything off.Temperatures have really dropped over the last few days, the pond, waterfeatures and plants are frozen… cold.I hope the snow stays away from the South East, although I have a feeling it is on it's way……I agree with you….I don't like the snow either!!

  2. I totally agree with your feelings about snow; had more than enough of it earlier this year. We haven't had any here – just very hard frosts, but I spoke to my mum on the phone earlier and in the background I could hear my dad excitedly saying, 'It's snowing, it's snowing!' Tickled me!

  3. Oh dear! I just read your reply to my last comment and it seems you did jinx yourself ;)We had a dusting of snow last night and the temperature didn't get above -1C all day today 😦 I think the problem is it seems such a short time since we last experienced this weather!Lovely photos again Liz.

  4. Hi Frances,Yes indeed they are Tomatoes still outside, I haven't yet cleared them away but the colours do at least add a little something!We're now battling against frost on top of the snow, so I won't be going outside for a while until it finally melts. Thankfully I don't have any deadlines this week so can afford not to go into Uni if it comes to that.

  5. Hi CV,The winds have since blown the pretty little caps off the Sea Holly and Rudbeckia, so we're left with semi melted snow which no doubt has now turned to ice. Boooo.I'm too lazy to remove the Tomatoes if I'm honest… Actually I've just been too busy over the past week or two to venture outside.

  6. Hi Pete,It's extremely annoying having a repeat of deep snow, although not as bad as January it's still deep enough to cause real problems on our road – i.e. I cannot get off it. Although I notice a few cars have managed to get back up the hill, so perhaps it isn't as bad as I imagine.I hope you escape the snow, but by the sounds of it pretty much everyone will at least get some.

  7. Hi Cheryl,I hope the Cyclamen/Violas survive the snow, they were doing so well that I hope this isn't a killer!On the forecasts I've been watching it's been saying Kent and such will get snow, I'm surprised you haven't had any already… I guess they were aimed more at the coasts???Snow is nice when it only stays for a few hours and you don't get frost/ice forming on top, oh and if you're able to stay in the house without any need to go out for a while, or perhaps you live in a movie where everything is perfect! 🙂

  8. Hi Bub,Exactly, if we hadn't already had loads of snow this year then perhaps I would be excited. But with this coming so early it makes me wonder how bad Winter is going to be! Hopefully it's just another freak happening and isn't an indication of things to come.Seriously, I need to move somewhere flatter. I can't cope with this every year. At least where I lived previously we were at the top of the hill rather than in the middle so could get out and about compared to now where I have the choice of crawling up a hill, or sliding down it.

  9. Hi Jan,I think it's due to stay below freezing today too, so no chance of anything melting for a while. Although I must say, the clear skies are rather pretty!But yes indeed, I think the problem is that we only just dealt with this earlier this year, I hope it doesn't become a regular thing.

  10. I am surprised at how much you still did have to photograph, Liz. (I'm always possitive, despite my wheels. West Cork had its first dusting of snow this morning, which was only visible on top of frozen water. Love the tomatoes. Bit of bright colour among all of the white.

  11. I dislike the snow as well, had some scary moments in the car in the past and last year just went on and on. So far we have escaped with just a dusting here in Worcs although it is very cold and I am hoping it will stay that way.

  12. There's still plenty of interest in your photos Liz whether it's a flower or a seedhead and the photos are as lovely as ever. We had rare weather here today – thundersnow for 8 hours. Winter has come so early for us all this year.

  13. Hi Yoke,I hope you didn't get much more snow, as pretty as it is, it's only really enjoyable if you have kids and are able to spend time out in it playing!My fingers froze within seconds this morning when refilling the bird feeders. It's amazing how quickly snow freezes your fingers…

  14. Hi Helen,I have to agree, the snow just seemed to go on forever last year, this year seems to be going the same way too at the moment. The worst part was in January when the ice formed on top of the snow and made it dangerous to walk on, this time it's remained quite powdery and crunchy so isn't too bad at the moment.

  15. Hi Rosie,I've heard about the thundersnow, I wasn't even aware it was possible but clearly it is!I just hope this freak weather ends soon, I've had enough of it now, let's go back to our boring, dull, wet winters please.

  16. Like al the others that commented on your tomatoes, I am amazed. I haven't had tomatoes in months! Your snow images are lovely. Winter has its own beauty, bittersweet though it is.

  17. I have a theory that snow is only fun for grown-ups who don't have to drive in it or worry about other people driving in it. Happily I can at least avoid the first, and the snow isn't bad enough here to worry about the second. I rather love the fact that having said there was nothing much to take photos of you then proceeded to give us a plethora of lovely images!

  18. Your first dusting of snow looks yummy–especially with those juicy tomatoes sitting there ready to pick! They don't even look frozen! I'm sure by now (in Dec) you've received much more. I'm just getting around to visiting the 'first snowfall project' posts, as we only recently got our first dusting of snow.

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