Oh, Ho Ho HO!

This isn’t funny anymore…

Ok, actually it is. All you can do now is laugh, otherwise you’ll cry.

Where’d the steps go?

Apparently there are steps, walls and a lawn here somewhere.
Can’t make out the tier anymore, 17 inches up there near the pots.
Pete before he fell back to make a snow angel. No chance of snowmen, it’s powdering.
Where’d the car go?
Can I throw a snowball at you??
I’ll let you guess my reply.
14 inches near the house… 30 Inches in other parts of Sheffield, up where I used to live around 5 years ago. It’s near the Peak District, and the reason why I refuse to move back up that end of the city!
I hope it’s warmer and slighly less white where you are!


24 thoughts on “Oh, Ho Ho HO!

  1. Hi Liz, no, it is not warmer and I have more snow than yesterday…ugh!!My daughter lives on the downs and is trapped up there, the snow is so deep. Of course, no gritters go there and the farmers have not brought the snow ploughs out. Oh to be in England now the snow is here….ha!Pete looks happy in the snow….nice to know someone is enjoying it. Spoil sport, it's only a snowball!!

  2. Holy CRAP. I can't believe how much snow you guys are getting.For some reason it makes me think of the 'Bridget Jones' Diary' movie. I remember when they made the movie, people were saying the end scene wasn't realistic of England, because it never snows like that there.Well…I guess you have picture proof. lol

  3. wow, that's DEEP! we have only had an inch or so of snow but the roads & pavements are very icy now it has frozen. not enough to make snow angels sadly. we have more forecast overnight & my girls are hoping they will have day off school.Keep warm Ginny xxx

  4. Hi Tatyana,It is beautiful yes, just the UK cannot handle this type of snow, everything pretty much grinds to a halt because we're used to a couple of centimetres at the most.

  5. Hi Cheryl,Sorry to hear your daughter is trapped, I know a few people trapped or who abandoned their cars and walked the last couple of miles home instead.Pete is not a snow person, I'm surprised he even agreed to go out and build a snowman to be honest… We did have a little fight, although I was somewhat disabled with only the one hand thanks to the camera being in the other so it was more a case of flicking the snow at him! lol, worked just as well as making a ball since it's powdery snow.

  6. Hi Bub,lol, I'm glad to see you're enjoying the snow too!All my lectures have been cancelled this week so at least I don't have to worry over getting out any more. Now the issue is actually ensuring we have food.

  7. Hi CV,Indeedy, it's a crazy amount and has been snowing constantly all day. The snow angel Pete made is gradually being filled as I type. Finger's crossed it stops soon.

  8. Hi Kyna,To be fair this is the first time I've ever seen it this deep in my life, I'm used to a centimetre or two. Snow falling and settling in London is pretty unheard of, from what I hear they did have some but I don't think it settled this year, at least not where Pete's parents live – not far from Bridget was based actually… Ladbroke Grove.This freaky weather is being caused by the 'jet stream' flowing in a crazy pattern pulling in freezing winds from the Arctic. Not just the UK is being hit, Spain has had some of it too!

  9. Hi Ginny,Lucky you, hopefully it won't get too bad… Although to be honest having deep snow is better than icy roads and pavements as I found out earlier in the year when I ended up belly sliding down the road after the deep snows in Jan.It's just a shame it's powdery and I can't even build a snowman with it! Just no fun.

  10. Hi Liz! And I posted with my little dusting of snow! ha! It's in the 20's (F) this week, so Winter's coldness came abruptly (as in your snow!!). Love the snow angel – your husband was good to play along with you out there. 🙂 Happy December, and I mean that sincerely.

  11. Good heavens! I've just been reading about people stranded on the trains,etc in the U.K. You do look like you're making the best of it 🙂

  12. Hi Liz – nope, it's still jolly cold and we've got around 2 foot of snow now! I've had 3 snow days as all the schools we work in are shut. Last-Born's school is shut and Himself is working from home instead of trying to get to Rotherham. He only got home on Tuesday because he'd taken my Land Rover and his his travelling companion had a map app on his iPhone, so they went up the side roads to avoid all the stuck traffic on Prince of wales Road!

  13. Hi SG,I'd much rather have the dusting of snow you had! I'm much more used to your levels of snow, the UK has pretty much ground to a halt at the moment… Great fun.I was surprised actually that Pete wanted to go out into the snow, he doesn't usually join me. He must be feeling unusually festive or cheerful at the moment!

  14. Hi Cyndy,Thankfully I had sense and didn't even attempt to go out in the snow, knowing this would happen.I have friends back where I grew up in a town, many of them stuck along certain routes… I cannot believe they attempted to go out in their cars to be honest. Crazyness.

  15. Hi Rebecca,I think on some levels it is beginning to melt, yes… But we're still getting more, so it isn't making any difference.However today when I ventured out to refill the bird feeders where I walked was smushing and melting compared to yesterday when it just became compacted snow.We also have some massive icicles now, I estimate one to be around 4 foot…

  16. Hi Bangchik,I love snow… Just I prefer the snow that only lasts a day before it melts like we normally get…Usually we have to run out to take snowy photos and attempt to feel festive because we know it will have melted by the next day!

  17. I love snow but only if it confines itself to the week before Christmas until the end of January. By 2/15, I count on working outside. It seems like a lot of places in the US have had snow now. We rarely get it until January. but if you've had that much snow….Carolyn

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