Indoor Orchids

There’s nothing else to photograph, but I really need to do some sort of post…

I’m resorting to indoor plants now, can you tell it’s bad??

This Orchid was bought from B&Q, a DIY shop… On its instructions it states to throw away after flowering… I cannot understand why, I’ve left it on our side window for the past three years now and every year it puts out new flowers in November. I barely do anything other than water and occasionally feed yet I have around 30 flowers on 3 stems.

I know a lot of people are scared by Orchids, but seriously… If I can keep them and they’re successful then anyone can.

In general I dislike indoor plants, I am not someone who can look after things and give special care like Pointsetta’s. Orchids for me, are easy with little care and attention.

Hopefullt I’ll be picking up my Christmas tree tomorrow or over the weekend, time to finally begin to feel festive. For the first year I’ve actually felt like a true grinch, normally I’m as giddy as a school girl.


25 thoughts on “Indoor Orchids

  1. My Orchid is still alive – hurrah! – and like you, if I can manage to keep it going, anyone can. It happily lives on the bathroom windowsill and is in the process of growing a new stem. I am officially amazed.

  2. Lovely photos of your Orchid Liz. Now if only I had some indoor birds to photograph 😉 I am really struggling to find motivation at the moment, I used to love Christmas but would quite like to leap over it this time and find it is Spring 🙂

  3. Me again Liz 🙂 I forgot to say I think I know why the label on the Orchid says to throw away after flowering…so you will buy another ;)I too have one that has flowered each year for three years but it doesn't have many flowers. I read somewhere that you should cut the old flowering stems back so will try that this time.

  4. I'm one of those with brown thumbs when it comes to orchids. In my defense though, I think our last house was just too dry, and I wasn't diligent enough trying to keep the humidity up around the plants. Phalaenopsis orchids are my favorite. I've killed a few over the years, so I don't grow them anymore, for the sake of the plants. Yours is beautiful though, and I can't believe they said to throw it away! I'm glad you didn't, and impressed you've managed to get it to re-bloom!

  5. Hi Lona,It's strange how some people really struggle to keep Orchids but others like me who generally provides only tough love to indoor plants has no problems!I have three now, with a minature moth one which is currently growing a new stem and will probably flower sometime in the new year.

  6. Hi Bub,Congrats on keeping your Orchid alive! They're just so easy aren't they? No doubt its the humidity in your bathroom that the Orchid likes. Mine are in the kitchen where it's more humid thanks to washing machine etc.

  7. Hi Jan,Indeedy, B&Q do just want you to buy another… I wonder how many people actually follow such advice???Sorry to hear you're also suffering with Christmas, for me I think it's because of the snow and being stuck in for so long it's put me back by weeks and I'm beginning to panic that I don't have everything I need…I just want Spring to arrive now, especially if we're due even more snow in the coming weeks… Arghhhhh.

  8. Hi CV,I saw on a tv show here an article on watering Orchids, sadly it only featured the moth Orchids, but apparently you only water when the roots are looking silvery. Just allow the water to run through the plastic pot (they generally have lots of holes in) and then place back in the decorative pot most people probably keep them in.But yes I agree it might well your dry conditions which aren't helping. I keep my two moths on the kitchen windowsill, so they're near the sink and washing machine so there's lots of humidity.The other Orchid is on a side window facing west in the kitchen above a radiator which I often leave clothes on to dry, again providing humidity.

  9. Hi Esther,I was never an Orchid person either… I don't like plants indoors and until the Orchids I never bought anything for indoors – they were always bought for me, somewhat unwelcome too…But because I've found the first so easy to keep, the collection has now grown to three.

  10. Ive just started to get orchids for my garden too but feel a bit apprehensive looking after them. Im afraid to over-water them, over-fertilising them or over-exposed them to the sun, so from now on I will just leave them alone apart from the occassional water like you!

  11. Hi Helen,Do you have yours in a humid area of your home such as your kitchen or bathroom? They seem to like such areas, at least I assume that's why mine are still with me!

  12. Hi Edith,Lol, poor Orchids! It's a shame you're having difficulty with them… Strange how some people don't seem to have problems with them, such as Bub and myself… I dislike indoor plants because I don't like having to give plants lots of care and so far the Orchids are pretty much left to do their own thing and are thriving.

  13. Hi Pechandan,wow, I'd love to be able to have Orchids out in the garden! Good luck with them, I'm sure they will do well for you, especially if you live in the correct area for them to thrive.As Orchids often live in trees high up in the canopy, I imagine they can survive quite well with little food. I feed mine once every few months or so and they're still doing well… The instructions do say to feed more often, but this is where my laziness comes in… But they are doing fine so far!

  14. Hi Meredehuit,Heehee, I have been listening to Christmas music, but it just doesn't seem to be working without the tree and decorations.I also missed going to our annual Carol service, which is usually the beginning of the Christmas run, and sets me up for the coming weeks.I do have the tree up now, so it is far more jolly and I'm pleased to see a neighbour across the road has lights in their window… So I might put some up in ours too – if I can find them!

  15. Hi Debs,The tree seemed to take far too long to put up, but I have, for the first time ever refrained from using tinsel or feathers. It's a strange feeling and was very difficult to stop myself putting the feathers on… Not to worry I am not someone who places tinsel all over the house, although I do love the smell of it! Perhaps that's what's missing for me, the smell of tinsel and the excitment it brings???*runs off to sniff tinsel*

  16. Hi Karen,The Orchids I have take minimal looking after, I too hate nannying plants and watering them indoors is just too much hassle for me. Keep them in your kitchen or bathroom where there's high humidity and then you won't need to water them as frequently.At one point I think I watered the moth Orchid once a month and it's still with us. It was only when I saw on GW exactly how to know when they need watering that I now do it more frequently. (when their roots are silvery). The problem is though I have a different type of Orchid which they didn't show, so I'm still somewhat confused… It has 3 stems of flowers on it though, so I must've done something right.

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