Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – December 2010

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is held by Carol May Dreams Gardens

Don’t expect to see much in the garden now… I hope some things will bounce back in the coming days, but I’m not holding much hope… I think this is all we’ll have until Spring now.

These Violas seem to be hanging on in there

Self-seeded Violas just beginning to flower
Hebes didn’t flower at all, but are quite pretty
Rudbekia were finished by the snow

Cyclamen might make a comeback…

Crocus and Iris seem to think it’s Spring already.
Ivy and Cyclamen leaves make a nice partnership
Campanula still has buds, can you believe it??!!
Cupid’s dart continues to grow, ready for next year
Scabious brightens up the border even if it is a little dog-eared.
And oh, so very pleased to see all Diarama seedlings have survived!
Aquilegia’s fresh growth
And its dead seed heads


26 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – December 2010

  1. Hi LizI was wondering how your garden had coped with the early winter at least you have more colour than me. I am surprised to see a little campanula in bud along with a scabious. I think that little cyclamen might come back again but I suppose it depends on what this artic weather predicted from tommorrow has in for us.

  2. Your violas look so cheery, Liz! It's nice to see some hope of more blooms in your garden. I'm afraid mine is done for the season; the good thing is that all the snow is insulating my perennials until spring. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. Hi Gwgt,The now here pretty much took everything out, I've also discovered a few shrubs have been damaged quite badly too… My shrubs aren't yet large enough for it to make little impact sadly. There's a Garrya which I've had for around 3 years that has a broken branch and a Sweetbox which I haven't even had a year with most of its branches snapped :(I just hope the sweetbox manages to survive the damage.

  4. Hi Rosie,I'm very surprised to see the Campanula and Scabious too, but the freezing temperatures have returned and we had a powdering of sleety snow which began to melt and is now in places ice. Not sure which I prefer, the deep snow so it protects the plants underneath or the 1cm peppering and ice? Mmmm, tough call.Hopefully you haven't been hit again too hard, I wonder if this will ever end.

  5. Hi Bernie,Thank you very much, the Violas are pretty much all I have now, and they aren't looking all that great. We have more freezing temperatures – I don't think it's managed above zero for a few days now.

  6. Hi Mac,Thanks, it's certainly nice to see a little bit of yellow at this time of year. I'm not a fan of yellow, but I am grateful to see it now when Spring seems so far away!

  7. Hi Noel,Thanks! Sometimes it's very difficult to see beauty in this weather, but I guess it makes you appreciate it all the more when you do find it. I'll be glad when this winter is finished, I'm ready to go back to our otherwise boring winters.

  8. Hi Jennifer,Thank you 🙂 I do love the whites too, I haven't seen them for a few days so fear they may have died thanks to the return of freezing weather.

  9. Hi VW,Violas and pansies are great at this time of year for offering colour when little else can and would normally last right through the winter for me.

  10. Hi Rose,I half wish we still had snow to insulate my plants too, sadly we just have a peppering of snow and very cold temperatures! Not the best comnbination!!!I do hope Spring hurries, I want my spring bulbs 🙂

  11. Hi Janet,Sadly I think my Cyclamen have also given up the ghost, but I'll have a little trip outside if I get the chance to check on them. I'm in two minds whether to remove the flower heads and see if they will produce fresh or to leave them…

  12. Hi Kyna,The Pansies/Violas would normally make it through the winter here too, fair enough with few flowers on them but they would normally survive… I don't think they'll make it this year, or will at least take a break for a time before producing more flowers.

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