Frosty World

Lots of photos of a frosty world…

I think that’s it from me until after Christmas merriments. I hope you all have a wonderful time and manage to get in some relaxation and peace.


13 thoughts on “Frosty World

  1. Lovely, isn't it? Especially when the frost gathers round the edge of leaves rather than all over – or when it is like a diamond brooch, as in the last picture.I banged my head, earlier today, on a frozen oven glove hanging on the washing line. It was frozen so solid it hurt!EstherP.S. Happy Christmas!

  2. Hello again Liz, on a quick round of Christmas wishes this morning and just wanted to wish you both Merry Christmas my best wishes for 2011. Hope you don’t have too much studying over the holidays :-)This weather has been giving you fantastic photo opportunities and I can see you’ve been making the most it. Another wonderful set of images today 😀

  3. Hi Liz! I hope you had a good Christmas! I am sure it was white! We are having green and wet December, but our Christmas was very happy. Four of us love to stay home for the Holidays, and we enjoyed our time together. Your pictures are gorgeous. I still hope to have some snow this winter.

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