New Year Wishes

And so the tidying begins…

I hope your New Year celebrations went well and that the headache isn’t too bad 😀


30 thoughts on “New Year Wishes

  1. Spent it on the roof of my block of flats watching the fireworks by the London Eye. Hope you have a momentous gardening year, Liz, and look forward to many more of your superb shotsLaura

  2. Hi Lona,I need to take the decorations down too, I've stopped watering the tree so it's pretty dead now and soon will just be brittle and I won't much enjoy taking all the decorations off!No headache for me either, I'm much too sensible – plus alcohol gives me migraines before I've even attempted to go to sleep, so I have to be really careful!

  3. Hi Laura,We used to have fireworks here, but over the past 5 years celebrations in the city centre have been none-existant so I've stopped bothering.I'd love to see the display in Edinburgh one year…I hope you had a fun time watching the fireworks at the London Eye!

  4. Hi Esther,Nup, no cats… Just too many party poppers and other complete waste of money things which just create a whole lot of mess, but oh-so-worth it at the time.Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Deb,Happy New Year to you too, sounds like you had plenty of fun at your party – without the mess though!I cannot believe it was only a couple of days ago, it feels like it's been a week! Wow.

  6. Hope that you have recovered by now 🙂 Lots of sky lanterns floating through the air here – most pretty and best of all no noise. A most Happy New Year to you Liz.

  7. I was fine ….but then I wasn't the one drinking the port!!!The 12 teenagers were wonderful and very well behaved – it was the reprobate adult port drinkers instead! :)It was great fun …..but it's back to work tomorrow!

  8. Ah, don't remind me of all the packing away that's waiting for me when I get up off the computer . . . that's my least favorite part of Christmas. What a pretty tree, love the photos.

  9. Happy New Year to you and Pete, too, liz. No headaches here either. Just some wine and was real quiet here. (no fireworks here Love the (end of )seasonal pictures. Says it all, indeed.

  10. Hi Anna,Oooh, I've long recovered… No hangover for me, plenty of water before bed and I'm fine.We forgot to look out our window this year to see the lanterns/fireworks… Were far too busy popping all the party poppers and other sparkly things!However, well past midnight going upstairs I did see a lanterns floating over, someone was doing it rather late, but pretty to see anyway :)Happy New Year, I hope you haven't been hit with more snow!

  11. Hi Liz,Tsk, those pesky adults who don't know their limits! ha ha. Mind, as a young teen I never had problems with hangovers and such… It wasn't until 18/19/20 that it began triggering migraines even before I'd finished drinking. So now I have to make sure I always have water along with alcohol – lots of toilet visits and too much of a hassle.Hope work isn't too bad for you, always a bit of a shock after Christmas!

  12. Hi VW,I've taken my decorations down now and have to stare at a bare tree until my boyfriend finally gets the decoration boxes out of the loft! Grrrrr. He's too busy playing computer games at the moment, and I'm not impressed!! 🙂

  13. Hi Janet,Happy New Year, I hope you enjoyed your celebrations!I'm attempting to get the decorations put away but am waiting for the boxes to be brought down from the loft so I can put everything away and then battle with the tree and get it outside… Must arrange with the council to come collect it for me!I'm trying my best not to daydream of spring and pretty plants, I really need to get two essays done and once again I'm procrastinating! Arghhhh.

  14. Great images all round… or should I say… on the ground ;-)I'm using my imagination at how it got that way… probably best ;-)Wishing you all the very best for 2011 🙂

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