January – End of Month

What’s happening at the end of January?

We have quite a few plants growing and more Snowdrops by the day. The front garden remains largely dead still with just a few Snowdrops coming up, however the Sweet box will soon be in flower and there are nice big buds on the Forsythia. Soon I will have to weed the front as Willowherbs are popping up – doesn’t make for attractive photos!

The majority of the growth is all in the Back and side of the house because they receive far more sunlight at this time of year.

Aruncus’ first growth

These Snowdrops have suddenly popped up in the left border, I didn’t even see them peeping up, one day there was nothing and the next… This!
White Forsythia buds – looking forward to their perfume.
Muscari in a different pot is coming up too. Now all the pots have some bulb growth 🙂
I’m not sure… Anemone?
Sea Holly obviously thinks it’s Spring!
I hope the end of February brings far more to see!


27 thoughts on “January – End of Month

  1. Love seeing all your little babies poking their heads up – I haven't the heart for end of the month views, buried under four feet of snow pack, with more on the way!

  2. Hi Su,I hope your Forsythia does have buds! Mine is still only very small as I bought it only last Spring so this will be the first time I have actually experienced its flowers and scent.My more comment yellow Forsythia also has lots of big, fat buds and I plan to bring a few branches into the house to appreciate their cheerful colour 🙂

  3. Yeah! I'm happy that spring is coming for you. A lack of snow is fooling me into thinking spring could come here soon, but we'll probably get dumped on by a big snowstorm soon. Maybe I'll get a hellebore flower before then to tide me over for a few more months!

  4. I am seeing signs of life in my garden – and signs of death. One or two favourite plants are looking decidedly offcolour. I think I will be planting with hard winters in mind in the future. Nice to see the signs of life though!

  5. Hi Carol,I hear there are more snow storms forecast for large areas of the US, I hope it doesn't hit you though!It's certainly been a rough few months in terms of snow, and then there's now a cyclone due to hit Australia…

  6. Hi Esther,I have a few seedlings coming up that I'm unsure of, but these I can easily tell are Willowherb because they're developed enough so will have to go.Although I do need to follow your lead and throw lots of seeds around the garden and then mulch over them… Been putting it off and now it's got warmer I'll attempt to do it over the next few days.

  7. Hi Janet,-4, brr, that is chilly! Today's been far too nice, was lovely in the sun and I had a nice time checking the plants and discovering yet more new growth 🙂

  8. Hi VW,I do hope you continue to dodge the snow, especially with a new storm on its way! Hopefully my Hellebores will flower this year, I have three that don't seem to be showing much in the way of buds, and one I bought to replace a fatality last year…

  9. Hi Karin,I think we're all ready for spring, and certainly here today it has very much felt like spring with clear skies and a lovely warm sun, even in the shade it was comfortable enough not to need a jacket when outside.

  10. Hi EG,Sorry to hear some of your plants aren't looking too great. I have a small Sweetbox which was heavily damaged by the snow, I noticed some of its flowers are open today but haven't yet noticed any perfume from it… I do hope it survives and manages to produce new growth after having quite a few branches ripped off under the weight of the snow.

  11. Hi Scott,Same here, I am most worried about my Magnolia buds. I haven't had flowers off my Stellata for 2/3 years now and have been considering getting rid of it. Back in November I had some nice fat buds on it and was hopefully we wouldn't get heavy snow to kill them all off again. Well the inevitable happened and now I can only see a handful of obviously fatter buds… Just hope they will be flowers!

  12. Hi Liz, glad you bought a white forsythia, a wonderful addition to the garden. Mine is in bud, just waiting to burst.I think it is such an exciting time of year, waiting for the spring flowers to appear. I love anticipation….Have a fun weekend…..

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