Growth, everywhere!

This ladybird was spotted wandering around

And first growth of my true ‘English Bluebells was spotted
I spy Astrantia growth and a little tulip in the background have appeared in the ‘new’ border
I believe this is Crocus ‘snow bunting’
First Anemone leaf…
Rhubarb is on the verge of bursting from its skin
Irises are stunning
Sedum growth will need protecting from slugs/snails, last year mine were chomped and I ended up losing them.
And first signs of Muscari flowers
Clematis Willy buds are a’bursting
Small white Crocuses brighten up the decking area
Look what I found hiding under some cut roses I threw on the border to rot… Chives!
Mosses love this time of year, it’s cool, wet and damp.
And of course the Snowdrops must have a mention


14 thoughts on “Growth, everywhere!

  1. Hi Liz, My garden is just the same, everything is pushing forward. I find it all a bit worrying. If this mild weather continues for some time and then we get a harsh frost…….The iris are a wonderful addition to a winter/spring garden…so colourful. My crocus are now in bloom.Love your moss images……fairyland for sure.

  2. Wonderful! I love all these signs of new growth suddenly appearing amongst the detritus of last year's glories. I've been seeing loads of ladybirds already, hope they stick around long enough to take care of the pests.

  3. Hi Cheryl,I share your concern regarding frosts… You know it will happen sooner or later, and I'm worried for the Ladybirds and such which have come out. It'll be a repeat of a couple of years ago where we had a very warm spring, frogs were spawning way too early and then it suddenly got very cold in march/april and caused major problems for birds because the insects all died/went into hibernation, so the birds had nothing to feed their chicks.Bit concerned about my Crocuses, there doesn't seem to be as many as I'd expected, but it is early yet and hopefully they will all come in the next few weeks or so.I discovered today that my Chrysanthemums have survived winter, I'd assumed they've both died as they were killed off by the snow, but there's fresh growth now. For once I can thank my procrastination for not throwing them away yet! 😀 I'll get them planted soon.Oh, I sowed loads of your seeds today in the border by the side of the house… I hope many of them come up!

  4. Hi Robin,I do hope the snow melts for you soon! The US seems to have been hit very hard this year – so have we! But thankfully it's largely disappeared now and the plants are romping ahead.

  5. Hi Janet,Glad to hear you've seen lots of Ladybirds, I saw my first a few weeks ago now, and hope they are not hit with more very cold weather.I don't think many Aphids have survived the winter, so do worry that the Ladybirds might not have enough to eat yet.

  6. Came across my first seven-spotted ladybird yesterday. Also noticed how interesting the moss is. Cats more of a threat than slugs to sedum just yet (breaking bits off when they stand on it). One bunch of my chives has gone tough and I was wondering if it's a good moment to trim them down. Two snowdrop flowers – but they've never flowered in my garden before so I'm out-of-proportion pleased.Esther

  7. Hi Esther,I'm glad to hear you've also spotted a Ladybird 😀 I do hope they're getting to work nice and early on all those nasty pests!I have problems with plants under our cherry tree being flattened, now wondering whether it's due to cats rather than the big fat pigeons which roam around searching for fallen seeds from the feeders?? Mmmm, possibility! I had considered moving the feeding station but perhaps it'll be pointless if it's cats trampling the plants. Think I'll have to put some prickly Rose clippings around to put both cat and pigeon off!Theses Chives were grounded by slugs/snails and seem to have bounced back really well, so perhaps chopping them will help induce them to produce fresh growth for you.Snowdrops can be picky and planting from bulbs is not always highly successful, so I can understand your excitement. If you can travel, try visiting B&Q, they have some great offers on pots of bulbs atm – 5 for £5, you could pick up a few pots of Snowdrops in the green for only £1 a pot! That's amazingly cheap compared to other places and there's more chance of them coming back in the future.

  8. Strange how much further on your garden is compared to ours even though we're only a few miles apart! My snowdrops are in bud, but not much sign of a great deal else yet – and I lost a LOT to the snow 😦

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