Wordless Wednesday – Forcing Willow


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Forcing Willow

  1. Hi Liz, you have captured the willow perfectly. I do love those soft catkins….they are one of the prettiest things, don't you think?Saw my first bumble today, just so pleased.

  2. Hi Donna,Thank you very much, I've recently disovered they actually have a perfume too! The vases are in the kitchen and every time I walk in, I'm hit by their scent.

  3. Hi EG,Catkins are lovely, I'd really love some Hazel in the garden because they're so pretty.I have some Garrya (silk-tassel bush) which currently has very impressive catkins on it too, it isn't yet large enough for me to bring any branches in to add to the arrangements!

  4. Hi Kiki,Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos :)They are also coming out in the garden too, so it looks like I didn't force them very much!

  5. Hi CV,They are very pretty, and I believe the birds like to eat them too… Last year I sat watching some Sparrows seemingly drink or perhaps eating some. They seemed to be taking the pollen though?? Must watch out for it this year too!

  6. Hi Janet,I had quite a lot of difficulty getting the shots because it's been so dull recently – should've waited until yesterday or today for the sunshine!

  7. Hi Cheryl,I was surprised to see that the Catkins are pinky-red at first – I'm sure I don't remember that from last year… Anyway, they're so pretty, and I have three vases in the kitchen at the moment (Pete asked why we had a forest when he first saw them! heehee), truth is that I coppiced three trees so had a lot of branches, and still have a pile out on the decking to get rid of.So glad to hear you saw your first bumble!They must have had a good day yesterday because I also saw a Bumble queen (who was exploring my wall for a nest site), I also saw a Honey Bee and had a Wasp in the bathroom last night.

  8. Hi Rose,I hope your willows begin to bloom soon, it's been a very strange winter this year with extremes in weather and temperature and yet spring has arrived much earlier than last year.

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