White Forsythia

… A must for any garden, elegant, flowers in late winter/early spring and has a wonderful perfume.

What more do you want?


18 thoughts on “White Forsythia

  1. That is beautiful. Mine was palnted 2 years ago and only gave me 2 flowers this year – how do you get your to flower so abundantly?

  2. Hi Su,I only bought mine last year and what you don't realise is, it's only got 2/3 branches on it! ha ha. I have to be very creative with the angles I shoot.I believe they flower on old wood, so don't trim it at the end of the season only trim once it's flowered early on in the season so that it can then grow before becoming dormant in the Autumn/Winter.

  3. Hi Liz, pretty images.I could not agree more. You did, however, forget to mention it is white….ha! Doesn't everyone love white flowers?? On reflection perhaps not, but I do, as you know.

  4. I grew up with a beautiful Forsythia tree in the garden, but it was the classic yellow. I love the profusion of blooms in spring that these trees produce, but the white form is lovely, I've never seen one before.

  5. I'm glad you showed us this Liz, I was very intrigued after you mentioned it as I had never even heard of it. I know you said Cheryl had mentioned it but I don't remember and suspect it was probably around the time I had my first eye op.Anyway it is really beautiful, elegant is a perfect description and the fact it is scented makes it even more special! You have captured its beauty very well 🙂

  6. Hi Lona,I cannot wait for mine to get bigger, at the moment it's only a little baby and I'm just pleased it survived as it was a little sorry for itself when it first arrived – I could only find it online! I can't believe it isn't better known, I am certain it would be a big hit if people knew about it more.

  7. Hi Cheryl,Heheee, I think white flowers are always popular, they're certainly a 'safe' colour and can go with pretty much any other colour, and usually contrast well with other colours. I do also like white, but have realised I don't have much of it in the garden so have made an effort to get more, especially for shady areas in an attempt to brighten the areas up.

  8. Hi CV,We have a yellow Forsythia in the front garden that we inherited when we moved in. I had to chop it right down because it'd be left to grow into a tree, without being pruned and as a result had growth only on the top. It is recovering well but will be a while before I can bring any inside for a nice late winter vase.

  9. Hi Jan,Yep, Cheryl introduced me to the white Forsythia last year – must've been around this time I would suspect as hers was in flower. Almost immediately I went in search of one for myself! :DThe perfume is a nice perfume too – I'm quite sensitive to scents, and I'd planned to replace our Osmanthus with it. Although the Osmanthus does flower a little later and also has white flowers and is evergreen, I do not like its scent (but it's better than nothing, I guess!)

  10. Hi Donna,It's a shame to hear your White Forsythia hasn't survived… Mine is in a pot until it's larger and I feel it's strong enough to survive in the garden… When it arrived it did look very sad, and until I noticed the buds growing I had thought that perhaps it had died. Thankfully not!

  11. Hi Anna,I am sure you will be able to find a space in the garden! Haha, that's what I always tell myself and then when it comes to planting I struggle 😀

  12. Stunning images. I'd never come across white forsythia before, am now trying to work out where I could put one where it would flourish. A pot perhaps… Now that I no longer need the patio for beans and peas…

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