For the love of Blossom

Our Autumn flowering Cherry is in full bloom…

How can anyone fail to love these delicate little flowers?

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9 thoughts on “For the love of Blossom

  1. Hi CV,We could do with some real rain here tbh, we've only had drizzle for the last few weeks. And as much as I hate rain I'm actually waiting for a real downpour to wash away all the mud/clay off the decking from the workmen fixing the fence; I'm fed up of trying to sweep it away! lol. Alternatively I'll have to wait until I clean it with the power washer.It's due to get into the mid-teens early next week, so it's going to be very spring-like, in fact almost summerish!

  2. Hi Jan,Ours hasn't flowered in winter for the past couple of years now, perhaps it knew what was coming so didn't produce its blossoms?? Although I do wish I had the colour it ought to have provided!

  3. Hi Donna,Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I don't think I've ever seen such a good show from this Autumn Cherry before, it has been excellent this year.

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