Sunday Safari

It’s been a very strange past few months, Spring arrived very early yet we still have some plants that seem to have disappeared… Namely the white Crocus ‘Miss Vain’, I have had quite a few around in the back garden and in pots around the decking but I haven’t had any flower along the side of the house or in the front garden. Tommasinianus flowered over a month ago, so I am at a loss why I’ve lost all of miss vain. Does she only flower for one year? I guess I’ll find out next year if those that flowered this year return…
Very disappointed though.
Then there’s also the huge pot I have by the front door, usually there’s a sea of iris in there, followed by lots of Tulips and Daffodils, again nothing so far. I think there are a couple of Tulips coming up but it’s a massive let down.

Anyway, I imagine when I get back next week things will look very different in the garden. I ought to have mown the lawn before I left but, well…. Procrastination is my middle name! I think the lawn will look like a jungle when I return, especially if the weather remains relatively mild.
I’ll also miss the Magnolia flowering, she’s taking her time breaking free of her furry skins, so none are actually open yet – I just hope there isn’t lots of rain when I’m away and the blooms are damaged.

A couple of weeks ago I found this interesting potato in a bought bag… Looks like it was meant, just for me!

The dwarf Russian Almond is almost coming into bloom too, this too is teasing me, as these have been bursting open for a few days now.

Muscari are looking very pretty
Urm, I think I was somewhat Allium happy in the ‘new’ border last Autumn (really need to think of a name for the border!)
The Cherry tree border is looking the best it has done since we moved in… It’s only recently that I’ve begun working in there, trying to get more colour and interest. I planted many bulbs in Autumn, namely Anemone Blanda, but also some Snowdrops and Tulipa Turkestanica. I also have a few Geranium Phaeums, Bluebells, Daffodils, ferns, Ajuga, Pulmonaria and Dicentra. There’s still plenty to do, but so far it’s looking promising.
White Dicentra with Pyracantha cuttings to protect it from the feet of the big fat pigeons that patrol the border looking for fallen seeds.
One of the few Ajuga’s has small blue flowers beginning to form between the leaves

Some plants are attempting to grow after being trampled and then buried by workmen… This Astrantia Major Roma seems to be recovering a bit.

Jumping Spiders are everywhere, they’re loving the Clematis I potted temporarily *coughworkmencough* and I regularly see lots hunting along the stems.
Ladybirds are everywhere at the moment, every time I venture out I see at least half a dozen.
My little Acer is looking rather colourful with its fresh red leaves.
Osmanthus will probably open its blooms next week too… Seriously, why is everything opening when I’m away?!
Something has eaten the Daffodils under the Stellata… Happens every.single.year.
And the current star of the show…. Tulipa Turkestanica

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

  1. Hi Liz, I also have plants missing this spring….so you are not alone. It is rather frustrating, I do agree.My acers are not showing their leaves yet, so yours are a little ahead of me….I am glad mine are still in bud as the winds that cross the garden often damage the acers leaves. So the later, the better.Lovely tulip, really delicate.I also have spiders and ladybirds in great numbers….how odd. Obviously it is going to be a good year for them.Have a really lovely week, relax and have fun…..and of course, safe travelling.

  2. Its been an odd Spring. So many people have commented on lost plants. Reading your blog, made me think I haven't seen my Dicentra this year and I had very few crocus come up. Hey ho, thats nature for you, forever the master!

  3. So many people have commented that they have lost plants this year. Spring is a funny season, it never ceases to surprise us. Reading your post made me think I have not seen my Dicentra this year so that is probably lost. I had very few crocus this year too. All goes to prove that Nature is its own master.

  4. Dear Liz, There is a lot going on in your garden, even if a few blooms are a bit late. Love to see the ladybugs around again. My garden is still under snow, but I KNOW spring is just around the corner! Take care. P x

  5. the flowers are so beautiful..I love the shots right at their level…I am there with them…hope those flowers appear for you…mine are waiting for warmer weather to appear

  6. The Tulips are lovely Liz. Could it be that your pots got water logged and then frozen solid so destroying the contents? Just a thought.I don't know what happened on your last post 😦 I distinctly remember typing the words 'the blossom is all frothy and gorgeous', the only thing I can think of is that I previewed my comment but omitted to hit the publish button 😦 The frustrating experience you mentioned on that post regarding stalking a butterfly is just like mine with birds!I hope things go well for you in Rotterdam, what a shame it is for work and not pleasure and I also hope the Magnolia is flowering for you when you get back 🙂 Oh, and well done with the LTT, hope you get some photos eventually.

  7. Every year my Tulipa Turkestanica comes up and I don't notice it for a while because it is growing through something. I must buy some more and plant them somewhere sensible. I think this year may be good for Ladybirds – there seem to be lots around. Hopefully the will gravitate to the Broad Beans to await the blackfly!

  8. Slugs were probably the culprits on your daffodils. I'm glad to see someone else who has ajuga – I think it's lost popularity, but is so hardy and reliable. Mine is spreading almost too much. My acers are also not budding yet.

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