Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – April

Where has April gone so far? When did April arrive? Time is going so quickly, that it’s unreal at the moment.

I apologise for the ridiculous amount of photos, but they’ve been backing up for the past few days as everything is moving so quickly.

Clematis ‘willy’ looks very pretty, there are only a few flowers this year though as I had to cut a lot of it when I moved it. It puts on quite a lot of lovely, ferny growth every year though, so I think it will bounce back well.

Some type of Tulip I planted a couple of years ago from a spring mix, I’ve no idea what its name is…
One of only a few Tulips that survived the winter
Forget-me-nots are out now and looking very pretty
Tulip ‘little beauty’ has survived though, I’ve had these bulbs for years. Although their colour doesn’t seem to be as vibrant any more
Anemone Coronaria de caen is very pretty
Last weekend I found this tiny flower as I laid in the grass apparently doing some work… I think it’s a tiny forget-me-not. It can’t have been more than a couple of millimetres across.
Next door’s big Cherry is flowering, they thinned it out last year so it isn’t quite as impressive as previously.
The Japanese rose brings some colour to the garden, it’s growing through our privet hedge…
The Tulips/Daffodils in the large pot by the front door… It’s a very sorry sight, compared to last year when there was at least 30 in flower in there now.
My little violets are flowering… All attempts at having them grow from seed elsewhere has failed. I daren’t try transplanting any of them in case I lose them all.
Bleeding heart adds its elegant flowers
I don’t think I could have bloom day without mentioning the Dwarf Russian Almond
And some red tulips I got free from somewhere round up our little showcase for this month…

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


13 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – April

  1. Hi Janet.Clematis 'Willy' is a lovely ferny type of Clematis, I do really like its foliage compared to most other Clemtis'. I just need to get it planted so it can grow away and cover the fence for me.I just wish the Violets would grow elsewhere for me, at the moment they are in an old pot that used to have an Ivy in it that was by the front door – left by the previous owners. I didn't want the Ivy growing up the house so moved the pot and originally placed 'willy' there instead. But it wasn't having any of it, so into the back garden it had to go instead, leaving me with a dead Ivy but a pot full of pretty little violets.I think I'll try sowing some seeds in the front garden, after all that is where they were originally.

  2. Hi Kate,Thanks 🙂 There's lots more growing but they all seem to be teasing me now and taking their time. A lot of the plants seem to have been on the verge of blooming for a number of weeks now – such as the Ajuga and Aquilegia…I really need to get out and divide some plants up, I keep holding off though until I've finished my essays, yet I'm even putting off doing that so in all nothing is getting done!

  3. Hi GWGT,I've recently began using my 100mm macro lens again, after having bought a 50mm lens last year. The 50mm was blowing out the whites and I just couldn't get a good shot of the Magnolia Stellata, the 100mm is definitely the superior lens and had no issues catching the perfect white petals for me. It does however, also mean all the shots are really close up now, unless I stand a good distance away.

  4. Hi NellJean,The Tulips are pretty and I'm having difficulty working out where the 'little beauty has come from, there are more popping up around the garden and I'm pretty certain I have not bought any or got any from a bulb mix – at least not that I remember… Very strange that they're appearing in various places!

  5. Hi Donna,Thank you very much, 'willy' is almost finished now, however I do have Montana 'Rubens' and 'Marjorie' about to open now, so there will be more Clematis to come! 🙂

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