Macro Monday – Spiders in the garden

This Nursery Web Spider sure is a big beastie… It’s one of those situations where you see the spider, your stomach lurches and if you’re so inclined you begin to scream and back away… However I try to hold back the irrational screaming, swallow the lump in the throat as my curiosity takes over and instead I find myself taking photos… Whilst of course keeping a close eye on any beasties sneaking up on me at the same time.

I wasn’t too bad with the spider being relatively close… That is until I looked at the photos on the computer and could see the size of the fangs. I subsequently tortured myself by looking on the internet for more photos to be sure they are the fangs and then even went on to search if they bite.
Honestly, sometimes I really do bring it on myself.

I lost sight of it, readied myself to run, and then noticed it moving through the leaves.
I think it was following the morning sun to warm up.
Keeping an eye on Nursery web I noticed this male Wolf Spider attempting to attract the attentions of a female… I’ve seen this ‘dance’ before, they wave their little front legs around and occasionally shake them like maracas!

I think she’s had enough…
She’s off!
Oh well, maybe next time.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


14 thoughts on “Macro Monday – Spiders in the garden

  1. What fantastic photos! I can just imagine the male Wolf Spider standing there, thinking to himself, 'What? Was it something I said? I brushed my fangs this morning, so I haven't got fang breath. I washed under my pits too – all eight of 'em. Flippin' women! Pfft!'

  2. Great pics Liz! That male spider is lucky the female ran away! Could have been much worse. I just saw a video recently about the Peacock jumping spider in Australia, it didn't end so well for one of those males 😉

  3. I'm surprised you could get close enough to get such great pictures! They always seem to jump or scurry away. As for wolf spiders, the ones around here are HUGE and make a big mess if you smash them.

  4. I'm very impressed at this series of photos Liz, I just don't know how you managed it 'cos my skin was crawling and all the hairs on the back of my neck were bolt upright just reading this post.I DON'T DO SPIDERS!!!

  5. Hi Bub,Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos – even if they are creepy! :DPoor little spider; I know I shouldn't feel sorry for it really as I'm not so sure how I would feel watching some Spider pr0n…

  6. Hi Donna,For me, it's a size issue I think… The larger they get, the more horrible they become – probably because you can see them in greater detail. Although Terantula's don't really scare me… Well, apart from the highly poisonous ones… Oh and the small but highly poisonous ones like Black Widows………………..Mmmmm.I would freak out if I had a large one walking on me, but money spiders and other small types are not a problem.

  7. Hi CV,Yes he's very lucky she didn't eat him – perhaps they were actually both male?? I've no idea lol. But I believe the males are darker than the females, at least in my experience of seeing the females with their eggsacs.

  8. Hi OMS,I find if you move slowly then they're less likely to run. I was also sat on the grass so didn't look quite so huge and scary as if I was stood up. I just leaned slowly over towards them, and as it was early morning they were still sunbathing so were a little slower than normal.

  9. Hi Liz,You won't ever see me taking photos of House Spiders, that much I can tell you. These ones aren't quite so vile because they live outside, and I can handle that. Small spiders = ok. Large spiders= eeeeek.Although, Pete is more scared than I am, so I have to wear the trousers as such otherwise we'd be sat screaming in a corner. My mum is terrified of spiders, so I've grown up with it and seen my mum's reaction to them and always told myself I wouldn't let that happen to me.I'm a control freak, I hold my emotions back. So inside I might want to scream, and I do have to get rid of house spiders; they are not living with me.After watching my mum scream, and actually start crying and begging when there's a spider nearby it's quite scary to watch.

  10. Hi Liz – this post was a real treat as I'm an arachnophile. Great shots and impressed with all your knowledge too, given that you are not an enthusiast. Liked the 'brush off' sequence of the wolf spiders.Laura

  11. I find spiders fascinating insects and we sure do get some big ones around here. I loved your macro's Liz and I never knew that they had a dance. So far any I've seen are only there for a second or 2 in the undergrowth and then they disappear.

  12. You're very brave! Braver than me – great shots though. I enjoyed watching a small one spin its web on the outside of my kitchen window last year though (but I was inside at the time!)

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