Wordless Wednesday – Forget-me-not

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Forget-me-not

  1. Beautiful photos Liz. I have got a veritable sea of blue forget-me-nots, but I'm loving these white ones – they're so sweet and gorgeous!Please could you save me some seeds?! 🙂 Ta!Have a happy Easter and a good Bank Holiday – and may the weather stay so good!

  2. Hi Alistair,Yep I always think of them as being blue too and I do have some blue ones, but from somewhere my parents have managed to get some whites – whether they were a natural mutation in their garden or the seeds they bought had them, I couldn't say.I'm surpised actually that you don't see them more readily in shops, because the white is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Donna,I had some whites last year as well as blues, both stolen from my parents garden like this year… But none of the whites self seeded unfortunately 😦 In fact very few self seeded at all, I have some very small plants in the same border but I have a huge one in a pot! I really wish it hadn't seeded there because there's a coneflower in there too that I wanted to pull out this year and get in the border!!! grrrr. There's also another sizeable plant growing in the right border next to the pot – again, not where I wanted or expected them to be…

  4. Hi Liz,I'd love to have a sea of them, my parents do too, so I stole some. They've even begun to take over a patch dad grew potatoes in last year (I got some free potatoes with them lol) and yet they barely seeded here. Maybe they're trying to tell me the conditions here aren't right.I was a bit worried this morning with the weather as it was foggy and actually rather dull, but almost as soon as I thought that the sun finally burnt through the fog.But yes, I'll try to save you some white seeds, and will save myself some too!

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