Macro Monday

After the sneaky peek at the Forget-me-nots on Wednesday, here’s a whole post dedicated to them!

We’ll start with those posted last week for those who might’ve missed them…

And finally, after the deluge on Saturday…
I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday and didn’t stuff yourselves too much yesterday! I’m off to go back to my essay writing now, almost finished this one, just some tidying up to do and other finishing touches.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


16 thoughts on “Macro Monday

  1. Hi Liz. They are such the sweetest little flowers. What wonderful pictures of them. Although I love all things blue I really love the dainty white ones.

  2. Love the flowers, white and blue. And of course I stuffed myself silly yesterday at dinner, then we still had huckleberry and tangy!lemon curd pie to eat for dessert, who could resist? I shouldn't eat for a week to make up for it all.

  3. I love the soft look of all these photos Liz. I have oodles of the blue ones all over my front not-a-lawn-any-more. Here they're considered somewhat invasive, but I let them go for the bees this spring. I'll have to knock them down before they set seed though. We have a white flowered form here too that's similar to yours, but I've always been a bit befuddled. Here the white form isn't a Myosotis at all, it's in the Plagiobothrys genus, commonly known as 'popcorn flower'. Go figure. Sometimes I think taxonomists were napping when classifying plants 😉

  4. So beautiful! Little clouds of blue. I really must have another go and sowing seed – I tried from some very old seed FIL had last year and not a peep. I know the perfect spot for them too. Good luck with the essay writing.

  5. Hi Donna,Thanks :DI'm glad to see they've become more popular again in recent years after having not seen them anywhere for years.My parents always had them when I was growing up, so for me it's quite comforting to see them in the garden.

  6. Hi Lona,I really hope I have them self-seeding for next year, as I'd planned to have loads of them this year but it would seem only 3 came up and two of those were rather poor, small plants so I had to steal some from my parents whose garden is being taken over by them.I would've loved to have taken the whole lot, but thought it was a bit mean leaving them without any! 🙂

  7. Hi VW,Our Easterday meal was actually quite small, I think it was the thought of the Easter eggs, so I didn't cook much; just a basic roast dinner.I haven't actually eaten any eggs yet… I don't know what's wrong with me! Normally I crave chocolate and here I am, with so much that I just don't know what to do with it all.

  8. Hi CV,I think they're probably seen as being midly invasive here too, especially judging by how many have popped up all over my parents, in their lawns and everywhere. But I guess because they like them, it isn't a hardship… yet!I do have a teeny tiny form that seeds all over the garden, the flowers are barely 2mm across and it was here when we moved in, so perhaps it must be a wild form that's gradually moving around the garden.I wonder if my parent's white form is the same as yours, I've no idea where they got it, but I'm thinking it might be a natural mutation from their seeds. Some of the whites, have small streaks of blue on the petals.

  9. Hi Janet,I think that although they do freely self seed, that they might actually be fairly fussy… From all the plants I had last year that my parents brought round for me only three plants have sown. 2 in the border where I actually wanted them to grow, but the plants are small, and quite pathetic. Perhaps they don't like my soil, I'm unsure. But my dreams of a border full of them didn't quite materialise!

  10. I love them and my borders would have looked pretty bad without them this Spring. Mine are almost over now though.Deluge? No rain whatsoever here, the ground is dry as dry. Only 12C here today so far!

  11. Liz, you are just a little too clever with that camera of yours. Beautiful images of such a pretty little flower. You show them to perfection.Have a good weekend…..

  12. Lia, a belated comment of pure admiration for your myosotis. Both the blue and white are macrospocic marvels. Simply and unforgettably lovely. Laurap.s. hope you managed to finish your essay. Wonder what you are writing about?

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