A mixed bag

Well, it’s certainly been a mixed bag weather-wise today. We finally had all the rain we’ve been promised for the past few days; each time we had a small amount of rain but the sun would then come out and dry it up, but today we’ve had some good hard showers and not enough sun between.

I’m trying to get old photos out of the way, so they’ve been building up over the past few weeks I’m afraid!

We’ve been having some amazing sunsets over the past few weeks, I usually take photos with my phone though, but here’s a few taken with my camera:

Strangely I’ve also seen a number of moths flying around during the day such as Silver-Y’s but also this one which I don’t know the ID of:
But also this Cinnabar moth!
And I’ve been seeing baby Ladybirds everywhere! On the same plant I saw two alone, very strange as normally I never see any.
I’d also really appreciate it if someone would please stop me buying more plants, thank you.

Gypsophila ‘gypsy’

Nicotiana ‘rose’
I actually went out looking for Echinacea but didn’t find any; why is this year everything I want I cannot find?! However, I did finally find some Gaura after having searched in various places for the past month or two.
Dalia ‘Happy Days’ has been combined with Isotama
Bidens has also been combined with a green Nicotiana
We have also had some much-needed rain, hopefully it’ll keep the plants happy for another few weeks

Buddleja are opening, I look forward to the flutters arriving… I’ve already seen some Small Tortoiseshells and others I was unable to ID, but I suspect one was a Comma.

Why is it the red Dutch Flag poppies somehow manage to seed, yet I goet rid of all their seed heads last year and yet the ones I wanted – the Peony and Blackcurrant Fizz are nowhere to be seen?
Black Lily turf continues to expand, I’m still confused to what exactly it’s living off, but it’s happy regardless

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


13 thoughts on “A mixed bag

  1. Sorry can't stop you from buying more plants as I suffer form the same condition! I also have the same problem with poppy seeds so if you find the answer please let me know!

  2. As always wonderful photos. The red cinnabar moth reminds me of a caped crusader of some sort. We too have had much needed rain, ending our June draught. Now everything outside smells moldy and damp. Ahh, summer!

  3. Beautiful images, what a feast for the eyes. Stunning skies in those sunset pictures, but I think for me the star is that Cinnabar moth, just goes to show that it isn't only butterflies that are lovely.

  4. Still confused about the differences between burnett and cinnebar moths. It may be in the markings. I'll have to google it. Your garden is way ahead of ours. We always seem to be playing catch-up until the days really shorten and then we're ahead. That's life I suppose.

  5. Hi Su,I'm going crayyyyyy-z on the plants, I just can't seem to stop myself. Someone really needs to take my purse from me otherwise I'll end up pennyless.The poppy seeds are a sore point with me, I had beautiful visions of pink, purple and white poppies everywhere… Instead I get nothing :_( most disappointed.

  6. Hi Deb,They're beautiful moths and I've never seen them here before so I was very pleased we had one visiting.The rain is still drying much too quickly, the grass isn't damp at all as you'd expect after heavy showers the day before… The garden really needed it.

  7. Hi Janet,Thanks; yes the Cinnabar is gorgeous, I've had an unusual amount of moths flying around this year… Shame the same can't be said for the flutters. I'm still missing my Gatekeepers, I'm so used to having loads of them fluttering around the privet chasing each other.

  8. Hi Janet,The 6-spot Burnett has pretty much the same colour other than is has the spots and not the pink strip down its wings. I had originally assumed this was a 6-spot too, as it was on the Bird's foot trefoil and this is apparently the main larval food source for them. But when I looked on the net I discovered it was a Cinnabar.Our garden got off to a very early start this year, especially compared to last year when everything was so late it was ridiculous.

  9. The magpie in me always reaches for the next glittering plant. Rains have been welcome but not the winds. Everything in your garden is lovely Liz and under some superb sunsets too

  10. It's great that you finally got some rain. We went through a dry period a few weeks ago, but we have been having some rain recently. Excellent photos…sometimes seeing angles I have never seen before.

  11. What a bonanza!Re. ladybirds. There were lots here, what seemed to me to be very early. Then they seemed to vanish. Haven't seen any for ages.Maybe there will be a new burst of them soon if babies are on the loose.Esther

  12. Gosh Liz,Where do I start, so many blooms.How frustrating are poppies….I have exactly the same problemI do have a very large red that has appeared amongst the borage and it looks great. I shall definately collect seeds.Me, stop you, buying plants. You are kidding….I can't stop myself. I am sure there must be somewhere like AA….but for plants :)I have not seen any cinnabar moths this year. I normally see them in numbers…..bit worrying. Perhaps they will appear later in the month.That rose is gorgeous….I do love your roses.BTW lovely sunsets……

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