Straw Foxglove?

So, the Foxglove seeds I bought from the RHS didn’t quite turn out as expected… they were bought as a collection and I’ve lost the seed packets – most annoyingly as they were a) expensive and b) I only ever got to use the Foxgloves so still have lots of herbs and other plants I want to sow!!!
None of my white/cream excelsior mix self-seeded last year much to my disappointment and I’d spotted these Foxglove growing nicely and was grateful that I wouldn’t be without my ‘white’ Foxgloves… Oh well, they aren’t exactly white, nor are they as impressive but they are still lovely in their own right.

I’ve done a little research and believe I have Digitalis lutea or very, very maybe Digitalis Viridiflora (but I don’t think they’re brown enough!), I will have to move my plants as they are much smaller than I expected them to be and they’re being drowned by other plants; I think I’ll move them under the Cherry or to the upper tier where I dream of a nice woodland border with lots of Foxgloves.

I’ll be saving seeds of these unusual and unique little beauties and hope to get many more in the coming years.

The blooms are tiny – I don’t think the Bees will be climbing up inside these!

So, what say you my lovelies? Lutea or Viridiflora?

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13 thoughts on “Straw Foxglove?

  1. Hi Liz,Cowardly I am, I am not sure.I had something very similar that had been left by the last owner.Two years ago it completely disappeared and I was so upset.Carder bees loved mine….they always seem to manage the tiniest of blooms……

  2. Hi Pauline,Indeed, small Bees must've been enjoying them or perhaps Hoverflies. They're now setting seed – I've collected a batch – so something must've been able to get in there!I'm a bit confused on their ID because of the small amount of brown, yet not enough brown to make me confident that they're viridiflora!

  3. Hi Janet,I think we've got a mixed bag of ID's, although at least it confirms my own doubt of their ID. I just wish I knew where the seed packet is and then I'd be able to know for certain – well, at least what the RHS consider them to be!

  4. Hi Patricia,Thanks; that's exactly what I thought! I was hopeful that they're viridiflora, mainly because they're apparently so rare, but figured my luck just wasn't that good! 🙂

  5. Hi Debs,I've attempted to yet more excelsior mix but the seeds just don't seem to be doing anything!!! grrrr. At this rate my Foxglove border isn't going so far. I have plenty of seedlings popping up, but I know they're all of the purple variety and not the less common whites and creams that I really want… *sigh*

  6. Hi Cheryl,Sorry to hear you lost yours, I hope you manage to source some more someday :)Something certainly liked mine, as the seeds have just begun to mature now so I can begin collecting them – these bloomed way back in June, and I've only just got round to actually publishing this post.

  7. My Digitalis expertise is almost nil, so I dare not even hazard a guess. They are beautiful though, whichever species they turn out to be. Here the only Digitalis I have are a few rogue volunteers that have popped up from the neighbors, but your standard, large-flowered, garden variety pinks and purples.

  8. Hi Clare,They're the same type we generally have here too… Last summer I did have some gorgeous whites and creamy yellows, the strangely didn't set seed… And I haven't had any seeds take this year either so I'm a bit frustrated – I do love the pinks/purples too but I really want the whites. I'll try sowing some more seeds and hope I have better luck this time.I'm wondering whether most of my seeds are duff now, as generally this year I've had poor germination from a lot of my seed packets. I think I'll have to buy fresh.

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