Hello world!

Hi All,

Blog posts will soon begin appearing here in the coming days/weeks as I move my blog across from http://gwirrel.blogspot.com/

I’ve decided to move after months of blogger not sorting out their comments issues, I’m unable to comment on some blogs without jumping through hoops and using different internet browsers and even then still have issues. Plus I like the fact that with wordpress it’s easy to comment directly to each person.


15 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • There are some aspects which are annoying with wordpress, but I do really like the fact I’m able to reply to each comment individually; so I think it’s well worth it!

  1. Oh well. Little boxes. They’re quite popular so . . . here I am. Hope you have a smoother ride than you’ve had with Blogger.
    But won’t you still have hoops to jump through when you visit other blogs? I find the ’embedded’ version for commenting on Blogger blogs irritating and time consuming – but that’s chosen by the blogger, not the reader, so one has to put up with it or not comment.

    • The problem I’m referring to is a known issue on blogger where people are having difficulty logging in and commenting, check here: http://knownissues.blogspot.com/ posted on May 24th. I am still having problems logging in, as well as commenting on certain blogs (for example, I cannot comment on take time to smell the flowers, but I can post on my wildlife sanctuary). In order to comment I’m having to go to Google Chrome where it will allow me to comment.
      So as I’ll be commenting using a wordpress account I shouldn’t have the same problems trying to post to people.
      It never recognises that I’m logged in any more, even if I’ve just logged in 2 seconds before, if I leave the dashboard to look at my post it forgets that I’m logged in even if I’ve told it remember me; it’s getting very frustrating after 4 months.

  2. Happy Blog-moving, none the less! Hope it works smoothly for you here. (I’m having problems with the background on my Garden Notes blog. I took away the picture I was using to replace it with another – and now can’t get any to load due, it says, to ‘internal errors’. Very frustrating . . . so I know Blogger isn’t perfect.

    There ought to be way of having a sort of virtual house-warming when someone moves into a new blog.

  3. I don’t envy you all the blog setup. I revamped ours a few months ago, so I know how much work it is. I think you’ll like WordPress though once you’re all settled in. Have you sent this address to Stuart at Blotanical?

    • Hi Clare,

      I haven’t updated blotanical yet, no. I was leaving it as the old address for now to give people chance to see that I’ve moved; I will do it though 🙂

      The move has been surprisingly easy; although I do have a different wordpress blog elsewhere so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for me. I just wish I was able to do the coding myself without having to pay; on my other blog I can do that… I don’t understand why, but it might be because it’s part of a larger website and they’ve got some sort of deal?
      Did you pay for yours?

  4. I pay Google for extra storage for my blog. If you have WordPress, is it stored the same place? When I first started blogging, I discovered that some blogs were different, and I liked the looks of them better. I figured out they were WordPress blogs. I don’t know if I’ll change at this point, because I like messing around and using my own photos for backgrounds. I haven’t had problems, but some have said they have trouble leaving comments on my blog posts.

    The one thing I don’t like about leaving comments on WordPress blogs, is that I like to subscribe to follow up comments, but then, you have to confirm that you did from an email.

    • Hi Sue,

      I don’t know about storage for wordpress; nor do I know about it for google, sorry. I keep my photos on photobucket, which is free and then insert them via html coding so they link to an external website (photobucket).
      Wordpress will allow you to insert your own background image, change the colour, the headers and footers and such so you would still be able to do that yourself. Just I want to be able to change the actual coding, and the fonts and such; but to be able to do that I would have to pay which blogger didn’t demand.

      For a basic user who doesn’t want to change the coding and play around with HTML or CSS then wordpress is easy enough to use and will do most of what you ask it. Just I’m someone who wants more control over the look, size and appearance of my blog 🙂

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