Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2011

It’s that time of the month again; Garden Blogger’s Bloomday hosted by

You’re going to have to bear with me a little at the same old boring photos… Sadly this is the reality until spring when we get new blooms appearing… Although it is likely I’ll also buy some cyclamen or viola/pansies for the winter (not a fan of pansies, but right now anything will do!).

The Gaura show has been very disappointing this year, hopefully we won’t lose them all in winter again

The Scabious have also been sparse, but hopefully next year will be better

Meanwhile this is my first year with Dahlias, and I might actually be tempted to over winter them indoors! Now there’s a first.

Not a favourite of mine, but welcome none-the-less

I am seeing a few strange things… primroses are coming up, but perhaps most strange is the appearance of spring bulbs already. Normally I have the odd Iris that comes up at this time of year, clearly a little crazy and never blooms… But in this case it’s the Muscari. Almost all of them in one particular pot are producing leaves. I hope they’re not also going to end up blind like the crazy Iris’. It’s not even like I can attribute it to a cold, wet summer. It’s been incredibly dry here since spring, so it’s that they’ve been tricked into thinking we’ve had a mild winter and it’s time for them to bloom.

The tuberous thistle decided to do this the other day… I’ve no idea why… it’s currently looking a little more perky, but still a worry.

Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’ is almost finished. Next year I need to divide and move it.

A nice second flush from Lavender ‘hidcote’

Susan Williams-Ellis is going a little mad, looks like she’s trying to revert back to her pink roots. Thankfully only this one bloom is doing this.

Other blooms give away her origins, as they usually start out with a very slight pinky tinge

Which fades to a more pure white

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18 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2011

  1. You have some beautiful blooms as the garden season winds down. White roses are so beautiful in their simplicity, but I think your one “mutant” bloom is kind of appealing, though I’m sure you hope the others don’t follow suit. Happy Bloom Day!

    • Hi Rose,

      I have to agree that the white roses are very nice indeed and this Susan W-E has a very nice perfume; not too strong or overpowering but a nice traditional scent. I love going up to it and smelling it.

  2. Good morning! First off, your photos are gorgeous… I loved seeing them! Regarding the muscari, mine always make fresh foliage in the fall and I’ve never had any problems with blooming, so I assumed it was normal, like with oriental poppies… loved my visit! Larry

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks very much; I’m thrilled you enjoyed your visit 🙂

      My muscari in the ground hasn’t begun to produce leaves, just the ones in pots?? Strange, but at least it seems I am not alone!

    • Hi Christine,

      I don’t usually go for Dahlias because I don’t like fussy plants that need extra protection, but this one was cheap so I bought it regardless and figured I wouldn’t be too upset if it died. But I am actually tempted to attempt to keep it over winter for next year… Although no doubt when the weather turns I won’t want to be digging it up and finding somewhere to keep it! 😀

  3. Happy GBBD Liz, lovely photos as ever. The close up of the scabious is wonderful. Excellent dahlia, I am already worrying about how to over winter mine. Not in the garage again, that’s for sure. I am currently thinking “loft”, but since we will also be in the throes of packing stuff up preparatory to putting the house on the market, that might not go down too well with TNG. Ah well! Am making a note of that coreopsis, such a delicate colour. Does it have a nice habit?

    • Hi Janet,

      I think the Dahlia is the same as one of yours; Roxy! 😀 Only the lighting wasn’t the good and you can’t quite see the two different tones on it…
      I was thinking of keeping them in the spare room, or alternatively in one of the kitchen cupboards – the one where I keep birdseed and chemical type things. So won’t be near any human food.

      Actually ‘moonbeam’ isn’t that great in terms of its habit, but I’m wonder whether it’s because it’s being constrained in a pot, so next year I’m going to move it and hope it becomes more dense. Although it has actually been flowering for a good couple of months.

  4. I also loved your photos. I have such a long way to go with mine. The Scabious picture especially – the color was so perfect.
    One nice thing about GBBD is that I can see what garden photography should be like – something to aspire to.

  5. Beautiful post…love ’em all! You know I’m a big fan of the Thistle (mine has been droopy this week too…odd). Love that Scabious…I saw one of a similar color at a nursery this week and it took all my willpower not to buy it (no room!).

    • Hi Scott,

      I’m unsure whether lack of rain upset the thistle or not – but I think it had rained fairly recently.. It’s now bending back again so it’s a weird shape, however it is now in bloom and we also have some more heads coming up so hopefully they won’t droop too!

  6. Hi Liz,
    I enjoyed seeing what’s blooming for you. I am a fan of sea holly. I like yours. That is sea holly that’s blue and spiny looking in your photo, isn’t it?

    My grape hyacinths are sending leaves up again, too, as they have been the last few years. They still do well in the spring. I’ve even transplanted some this time of the year.

    • Hi Sue,

      Yep, it’s a sea holly 🙂 it’s had a very good year this year and I’ve a number of young plants that will hopefully survive and provide us with yet more insect food! The Bees and Hoverflies love it, and it also attracts a number of Butterfly species.

      I’m glad to hear it isn’t just my Muscari beginning to grow, I’ve never seen them produce leaves this early, but it is good to know they will still bloom in spring.

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