My new toy

So, today I bought myself a nice new toy; one I hope to be getting some good usage from over the coming months before winter fully sets in.

If I’m honest, until I get out and about with it you won’t be seeing much difference in my photos as really it’ll only make a difference in terms of long-distance shots i.e. the fact I rarely ever show any distance photos, mainly because I managed to break my zoom lens years ago and it’s difficult to get good shots now without a tripod.

There’s still some way to go before I know exactly what I’m doing, but I’m sure I’ll eventually get there

These are just practice/playing around photos

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “My new toy

    • Hi Pam,

      I think it’s a well known fact that whenever you buy a new camera or similar that it then has to rain… The same happened here; it’s drizzled most of the morning but has now brightened up a little.

    • Hi Janet,

      As with anything, it depends on what you buy and it’s also worth remembering that with cameras you most definitely do get what you spend. It’s quite rare to come across a lens that’s cheap but is excellent quality. Sadly if you’re spending a couple of hundred pounds then really, the lens will be poor. But then really it depends on what you expect and my advice would be to go mid-range; the quality is far superior and you’ll likely be much happier with your purchases.
      Often when someone buys the lowest quality, they soon upgrade anyway so you might as well save the initial cost.
      However, it is also worth noting that lenses do not depreciate very much, so you will be able to sell it for on a little less than you bought it should you decide to get something new; It’s the camera body that loses money.

    • Hi Patrick,

      I’m hoping we have a good Autumn this year, usually we have such mild winters that we don’t get really awful weather until mid-late November. However, September has been less than nice so far so I’m thinking you may well be correct.
      Although, once the leaves have fallen it’s much easier to grab wildlife photos; especially of birds, and that may well be all I can photograph until Spring…
      Grrr, I used to love Autumn but over the past few years I’ve actually grown to love Summer more and more.

  1. How exciting! New toys are always fun! As my photography skills have slowly improved in the last few years, I’m finding myself anxious for a new toy too. My camera body is fine, but my macro lens is irritating the living daylights out of me. I have my eye on a beautiful new Nikon lens, which will be a significant upgrade, but it will also be quite an investment! The chickens will need to start laying a lot more eggs! 😉 I don’t hardly use my zoom lens any more, I’m too lazy to lug around a tripod.

    • Hi Clare,

      That’s the thing; lenses just don’t lose money so actually it’s worth buying them because you can easily sell them on for around the same price 😀

      Tripod? lol, I’m much too lazy for them too, my shots are hand-held, I always feel far too silly with a tripod, especially if I were to have one when out and about. I dunno, it makes me feel like I’m supposed to be a professional or something when really I’m just someone mucking around with a camera and hoping for the best.

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