It’s been feeling a bit like a ghost town around here recently… Ever since I moved to wordpress and I was beginning to wonder whether I’d suddenly developed a terrible case of B.O. or something else was going on…

In fact my blog is no longer showing up on blotanical since I updated my URL. I was wondering whether it was just because it’s now classed as a ‘new blog’ so it’s no longer appearing on the top 200 blogs, but actually I’m also not showing up in the alphabetical lists… Is it showing up on blotanical favourite blogs lists?

I guess this is a wakeup call just how much I depend on people visiting through blotanical!

Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon; I know there are issues with the picks over there that they’re trying to sort and I have sent a message to the helpdesk letting them know. But really, should I be concerned that I’m having fewer than normal comments? Have I become a comment junkie??!

Does anyone start up blogging in order to be terribly popular? I don’t think anyone ever really expects people to come along and comment, and start out with low expectations…

Does lots of comments = popularity and therefore must mean your blog is worthy?

Hrm, something for me to ponder on.

Of course those of you still managing to find me are very much welcomed and I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it 🙂

Ok, so I think it’s time to move on to some photos…

I don’t tend to show bird photos anymore, mainly because of my lens being broken and producing photos that look like a drunk had taken them…

Our birds have largely disappeared now – no doubt enjoying the natural food available, they will soon return in winter. And in fact, I’m enjoying the respite from the many birds we get throughout spring and summer. As an estimate we must have around 100 House Sparrows – I took one photo and there were 57 on it, and I know that there were more on the ground and often they fly in waves.
So when I mention I have lots of Sparrows… I mean, LOTS 😀
I’ve circled the birds for you; taken in August:

(Feeders have since been refilled)

So far I’m loving my new lens… I’m amazed at the detail and clarity in the shots at hand-held, and I was stood down by the kitchen! That’s a good 20+metres away.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


12 thoughts on “Ghost-town

  1. Liz I think you should put up that little pic of blotanical to re-enter ‘the club’ but I’m not sure anyway.
    I think you’ve spot an important question about popularity and visits/comments.
    I bet none of us keeps a blog just to show off his pictures/garden/musings but mainly to share our little things of life with other people tuned in the same frequency. Now, if something makes you feel like that frequency is empty… well it’s pretty sad. Concluding I don’t think any of us is pointing to be Mr. or Miss Blogger 2011 but having some visits and comments and people who cares about what you write is rather reassuring and helps carrying on.
    Visitors will come back soon, you’ll see.

    • Hi Alberto,
      I didn’t think the blotanical image would have any effect – but I’ve added it anyway. I did have the ranking images ages ago but more it hasn’t worked for months now. Anyway, we’ll see if it means people can now see my blog pop up 🙂

      For me it isn’t a case of popularity, more a case getting used to certain people visiting my blog who suddenly no longer seem to be, of course it could just be a natural thing as we all lose and gain visitors over the course of our blogs… But then I noticed that I’m no longer appearing on the blotanical lists and assumed that perhaps they simply didn’t know I’d posted anything new.

      It’s no major deal; I never was someone who wants to be the centre of attention anyway 😉

  2. Love the new blog, Liz!

    You did well in taking this big step. I’m sure your visitors will manage to find you.
    Your Sparrows are gorgeous, and if you get these photos with the new lens, then you did yourself -and your local birds- proud.

    • Hi Yoke,

      It’s relatively easy to move blogs if I’m honest – much more so than I had assumed as there’s a feature which allows you to import all previous posts, then you sit back and let it do its thing.
      The most time consuming is the design, but on wordpress you can only use templates – which is my main annoyance. I’d like to have my own design, but to do so I’d have to pay for the privilege :S

      Anyway, yep these were taken with my new lens… But also taken down by the house so not to disturb the birds. I look forward to seeing what the lens can do if I’m close to a bird i.e. within a few metres 🙂

  3. Hi Liz,
    First off, your post reminded me of a visit I had with a gal today, while shopping for native plants at our university’s arboretum. We had some things in common, but when I told her I have a garden blog, she said she is odd, and never gets on a computer. She said she prefers to talk to people in person. I told her I spend too much time on mine, but I have enjoyed meeting people from other parts of the country and the world. Also, when you are in the mood to talk, you post. When you are in the mood to listen, you read others’ blogs. When you are finished visiting, you don’t have to wait for someone to go home. I am not the most social person in the world, and love spending time alone, so blogging is a fun way to spend my time.

    I didn’t start out blogging for the comments, either, but I do enjoy them. It seems like the people who I used to get a lot of comments from don’t come around as often as they used to, and I’ll have a group for awhile, then they will fall away, and others will come along. Then, some of the old friends will come by for a visit, which is always fun.

    I am way behind in my blog visiting, though, and even though I met a lot of nice bloggers on blotanical, I do not spend much time on there these days. What I do mostly, is visit the blogs of those who visit mine, then try to go down my blogroll a bit. I am currently cleaning out my email, and deleting the comments there. My experiment in leaving those in my email until I visited the other person’s blog didn’t work out very well for me. I think I’m going to just keep the ones who have asked questions so I can remember to answer them, and then hope to make the return visits from the blog roll, so there will be fewer clicks. We’ll see what I end up doing.

    Sorry for the long comment! I hope you get back connected with other bloggers.

    • Hi Sue,
      Yep, we all have people who stick around for the long run and others who come and go, and then the odd few who pop up time and again to leave a comment and then we may not hear from them again for a while.

      I think I’m similar to you and perhaps many of us who blog are the same; we’re a little bit antisocial so enjoy to chat over blogs without having to commit to meeting someone face to face and as you say – wait for them to leave. I know I personally am guilty of not commenting on some blogs sometimes, and that’s because I can’t really think of much to say, or I’m busy and just taking 5 minutes to read a blog but don’t have the time to leave much of a comment… I don’t like leaving small comments and try to think of something interesting, or a question to ask.

      In general I just look at blogs in my blogroll too, and then use blotanical purely to look at favourite blogs on there to read them too. The site isn’t working so well these days and there’s a few bugs being sorted out which don’t make it that easy to use. But it is good for finding other blogs that you might not have otherwise come across.

  4. Lovely bird photos , We have hummingbirds…very difficult to photograph . I only managed once, when one got trapped in my rainchain . I did free it , after a quick snap. Then I felt guilty afterwords. Actually , it was lucky I did take the extra time, it was a more complicated job than at first thought…
    I ‘m sure your fans will return and some new ones !

    • Hi Shirl,

      Yes indeed, I have gone to the dark side; got fed up of blogger having issues and not letting me post on certain people’s accounts yet others I’d have no issues. The only way I could post on some were to either use google chrome – which isn’t perfect and still had some issues, or to use safari on my iphone/ipad.

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