Corkscrew rush

So the corkscrew rush is planted, and it looks like someone set off a crazy box of fireworks – you know how those screaming ones whizz around??

I hope it survives where it is, and I am looking forward to seeing it next year combining first with the many spring bulbs, then with the geraniums and finally with the purple and white salvias.

Anyone spot the little Oak to the right?? I’m guessing I have the Jays to thank… There are no Oaks nearby so I wonder how far it’s travelled.

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8 thoughts on “Corkscrew rush

  1. Hurrah! I’m not sure which has me more delighted, the idea of a corkscrew rush surrounded by spring bulbs, or the discovery that you added a “subscribe by email” option to your blog! I’ll find it so much easier to keep up with your blog now, I won’t miss any of the rush’s companions…

    • Hi Janet,

      Wow, I never realised the email subscription was so exciting… 😉

      I just need to sort out the rest of the strip of border around the rush. There’s still a large clump of Crocosmia which I had intended to keep, however I think it looks really wrong just behind the rush and salivas etc… Hrmmm. Perhaps once the plants mature it won’t look so ridiculous.

  2. Fascinating how seeds and seedlings can appear in a garden, isn’t it? I’m sure you’d love to keep the little Oak, wherever it came from or whoever had dropped it there.

    I too have a subscription on your blog now, and before you know it, all the old visitors will be back doing the same.

    I had a corkscrew a few years ago, unfortunately the birds killed it. must have been the jackdaws. Your’s looks very much at home there, and it adds a nice backdrop. And will look stunning with those salvias. Those will be exciting pictures to come for the next year.

    Seems you are starting the new home at wordpress?

    • Hi Yoke,

      I’ll attempt to leave the Oak, yes. perhaps I can take it with me whenever I move? However I know from experience of also finding two Oak seedlings last year that they may not survive the winter- last year’s didn’t. So if it does survive then yes I’ll try to keep it as I have done a Cherry which I have brought with me for the past two houses. It’s still only small and unlikely to ever become much as Cherries generally need to be grafted onto a stronger tree. But we’ll see.

      I’m hoping the Salvia make it through the winter too, as my previous experience with them is also poor. I’ve already begun to protect some plants with leaf mould, I just need to get some more compost and do the rest. Then if we have another bad winter they will hopefully survive.

  3. Love the new look Liz – so clean and fresh looking and a lot easier for my aging eyes to read 🙂 Your corkscrew rush is rather fascinating – it looks as if it is the sort of plant you could spend hours looking at.

    • Hi Anna,

      I’m glad you like the new blog; there are aspects I’m not happy with but then that’s always the case!

      The rush is gorgeous, I cut some of its twists off and have them in a vase with various other blooms – they actually add quite a touch to the vase.

  4. I love that juncus too! I’d like to have it on my pool but it’s seems it’s rather rare around here.
    Are you keeping the oak? I think it is one of the best trees ever. I just love it. And jays too 🙂

    • Hi Alberto,

      It isn’t very common here either; this year is the first time I’ve ever come across it and was so excited when I saw it! I wish I’d bought more now, perhaps I’ll be able to divide these up sometime.

      Yep I’ll try to keep the Oak, although obviously I’ll never see it fully mature; they’re great for wildlife and I’d love to have one in the garden.

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