Off for a few days…

I’m off to Bonnie Scotland for a friend’s wedding for a few days and doubt I’ll have net connection – Not so sure I’ll even have phone connection, but here’s hoping!!!

So I’ll leave you all with some flutter photos 🙂

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


8 thoughts on “Off for a few days…

  1. Hi Liz,

    Lovely to see your butterfly. I had a Red Admiral visit yesterday….highlight of my week. First butterfly for weeks and weeks.

    Have a lovely time…..Scotland is a fabulous place to visit.
    I would live there, if only Mr P would 🙂 Don’t think I would go without him……..

    • Hi Cheryl,

      We’ve had the flutters a bit sporadically over the past few weeks -Generally I’ve only seen whites fluttering around and some sort of dark one that I haven’t been able to ID because it hasn’t stopped for me… The Commas have hatched from my Nettles, but I haven’t actually seen any in the garden…

      Scotland was very nice, and very tiring. My feet ache a lot from not only standing in high heels for hours at the wedding (is it normal to be expected to stand for 3 hours??!! It was ridiculous!) but also driving. Thankfully I have cruise control – possibly the best thing I ever bought! lol. Makes it much easier as I can move my legs around freely.

      I’d love to live in Edinburgh – just not in winter though! 😀 By far my favourit city in the world.

    • Hi Shirl,

      I had a very nice time – I wish I’d stayed longer as we didn’t actually really get to see anything and it was an area I’ve never stayed before – New Lanark, Coulter etc. We’ve only ever passed through the area via Jedburgh then onto Edinburgh and so forth.
      It’d be nice to go back again, although I’m not too sure I want to drive up again any time soon. My mum would like to go though as she’s always wanted to visit the New Lanark heritage site (that’s where we stayed), and she was going to come with us but sadly couldn’t. In the end we had a waterhouse that slept 6 for the two of us! 😀

    • Hi Kyna,

      Ahha, the same could easily be said in reverse; I’d love to see Autumnal New England, Toronto and the falls… lol. Mind, the Autumnal colours here are rather amazing this year, lack of rain doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect on them so far.

  2. Love your Flutters. Here they must all have been in hiding, today the rain stopped finally for a few hours.

    Only noticed that most spiders have come inside already.
    Good to hear that you had a nice break. Just go in trainers, next time! Forget about the high heels.

    • Hi Yoke,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having rain – we need some here. Today I had to water the garden and went to RSPB Old Moor this morning where the lack of rainfall since Spring was very clear – the normal pools, marshes and such were very low and some reed beds completely dry.

      Spiders haven’t really been a problem here yet; we’ve had a couple of the scary beasties but not too many.

      Lol@ wearing trainers to a wedding… I’m not so sure I could do that… I’d feel somewhat out of place next to everyone else. Whenever I took my shoes off to give my feet a rest I felt tiny next to everyone else who were (sometimes) in huge heels. I’m by no means small, and certainly not tall but probably around an average height – my friend getting married was Chinese – from HK where they are often very small. So in fact I am usually very tall next to them!

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