End of Month – September 2011

Whoops; I forgot to write it before I left for Scotland… Oh well, not that much has changed since this time last month…

Although I have a few strange things going on… Namely my Lupins are blooming again??!

I’d noticed a field of them in Scotland and was going to comment to Pete how odd it was that they were all blooming… Then I get home and from nowhere two blooms have appeared. They were not there on Friday when I watered the garden before I left. Crazy.

My Rudbekias have also finally begun to bloom, some Dianthus cuttings I took from the plants I bought way back in March sometime have also begun to bloom and some Cosmos I’ve been waiting months to bloom now have flower buds and it shouldn’t be long before they join the other Cosmos. Yet again they are only beginning to bloom in October… I think the seed are obviously a bit rubbish and I need to buy some fresh ones for next year; the ones that came free with Gardens Illustrated have been blooming for months now; since June so I can only assume it’s some duff seeds.

Flat-topped Aster has moved into its next phase of interest… And is proudly wearing its fluffy hats

Miscanthus ‘Flamingo’ is very pretty, although I think I may have to move it next year.

I love the curly blades of Stipa

And now for a wider view

Sedum are almost finished now, they leave behind very little else of interest.

Aster ‘Lady in Black’ is now beginning to bloom, since I took this photo this morning I’ve seen a few blooms open.

A few plants arrived from Beth Chato last week and I’ve managed to get some in… So far a couple of painted Lady Ferns and Tiarella; I still need to plant the Astilbe and Poppies. I’ve also been relocating lots of Forget-me-not seedlings I’ve been finding in pots and planting them around the Buddleja border to ensure I have their blooms in Spring.

The Cherry border is beginning to look a little better again thanks to the rain we’ve had in September… I’ve managed to plant quite a few Snowdrops in the border. As well as relocating a number of Foxglove seedlings into the area.

Also, I recently added three new Hellebores… I don’t yet know what they’ll be as they were a mix and could be one of a few different types.

The garden is being cheered somewhat with the addition of Chrysanthemums and Violas:

Meanwhile Harlow Carr, Cosmos and Perennial Wallflower are still blooming nicely in the right border:

The Hollyhock on the right of this shot is making an attempt to bloom! It didn’t bloom earlier in the year…

This Fuji cherry certainly thinks it’s Autumn… The other is still green!

Asters are popular with the insects and flutters… Although I am yet to see my hatched Commas on it.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


13 thoughts on “End of Month – September 2011

  1. Hi Liz,

    Hope you enjoyed the wedding and that the weather was fine.

    I was surprised to see your lupin in bloom. No signs of that happening here, although I do have native primroses in flower!!
    I love the combination of foxgloves and ferns……I think astilbe always fit in well with them.
    Harlow Carr has done very well for you. Must be lovely to still have her pretty blooms.

    I have the same problem with my Miscanthus….it needs moving but to be honest I don’t know where I can put it. I am beginning to think I need a new border 🙂 Don’t tell Mr P though…….

    • Hi Cheryl,

      The wedding was very nice; the weather not so, unfortunately. Friday was lovely when we arrived, Saturday wasn’t too bad… A bit grey but still humid and muggy and then later began to rain. Sunday on the way home was terrible, the rain was so heavy at some points I was crawling along the motorway. It finally began to clear around penrith and into Carlisle, then by Scotch corner it was pretty much nice again.
      I’ve watered the garden this evening as I can see lots of things are struggling a little, and there’s a few other jobs I need to get on top of over the next week or two.

      My Miscanthus was a spur of the moment purchase, so I hadn’t really had time to think through where it should be planted. I just wanted to get it in though and to see how it went knowing I may well move it next year.

      Hmmm, I’m thinking I might try some Foxgloves in the Buddleja border too… I was going to stay away from tall plants there, but maybe they would help? Hmmm, I’m a bit stuck with this border as always. It’s shady, but also gets a lot of sun most of the year except when the Buddleja is large and then it becomes dry shade for a month or two. I planted a few Astrantia there and 2 of them look rather unhappy already.

  2. Poor you, what a horrible drive home. I don’t know about you but it always seems endless when I am driving long distance in those conditions.

    That sounds like a difficult border.
    I find foxgloves tolerant of most conditions, although here they always do best in moist soil, in shade.
    Foxgloves and butterfly bush would be a lovely combination for wildlife….bees and butterflies 🙂

    • Hi again,
      I think I was too keyedup trying not to crash that actually it didn’t seem to take that long… lol. And it was so beautiful – in a strange away, seeing the silhouettes of the mountains behind the fog/rain. Really wish we’d taken photos on the way up rather than the way down!

      The border is a difficult one; I’m yet to find a perfect plant that does well there. Although the Lupins and Hostas seem to be doing quite well and I hope the ferns like it too. I’ve a coupld of Hebes in there that still haven’t bloomed, although they look to be doing fine – I don’t know whether I ought to move them and see if they then bloom.

  3. Yea, lots of planting, and some lovely things too. I like the ferns. Strange about the cosmos – I agree that it is probably the seed. I have just been clearing out my seed packets, and have chucked some that did not perform this year, including some cosmos. I stil have some foxgloves flowering – and have been moving lots of seedlings around too. Hope you find a good home for the impulse miscanthus.

    • Hi Janet,

      I love the texture of the ferns, although I do think they’re perhaps a little too yellow compared to the other greens in the border.

      There should be some persicaria arriving soon that I also need to find homes for; although there are a couple of areas I need to dig up and weed so they could go there… I’m considering removing a weigela – it only has a short period of interest, and I’ve been thinking of removing it for a few years now. I’m still uncertain though, perhaps there’s a shrub I’d prefer that coul go in its place? Hrm.

      Foxgloves still blooming? Wow, and I thought mine were late when they were in bloom in September! lol. Strange year… I discovered yesterday that guess what’s out…. Winter Jasmine??!!

  4. You certainly have a lot going on in your garden in September, I haven’t had Lupins for a while, but I used to cut them back as soon as flowering was over and nearly always got a second flush.

    • Hi Alistair,

      Yep, I also cut my Lupins back for the second flush…. Which came in July… Looks like they’re going for it again though! 😀

      I’ve noticed that a Geranium has also began to bloom again… I’ve been considering moving it yet again because it just never seems to be happy regardless of where I plant it! *sigh* I’ve never known such picky hardy geraniums before – Ann Folkard is another that’s very picky.

  5. I love the backlit grasses and deep red cherry leaves! How funny that the lupines surprised you with another bloom – always better than not blooming at all, eh?
    I have lots of Scottish ancestors and am really looking forward to visiting there someday. I hope you had a great trip!

    • Hi VW,

      Exactly; the Lupin blooming is a nice, if a little strange, surprise! I’m glad it’s blooming as it is brightening a very boring border with very little going on in it at the moment.

      I do love Scotland, so it’s always nice to visit. I just wish I’d gone for longer now and actually managed to do more than simply going up for a wedding and then coming home.I’m regretting not going to Edinburgh now since I was so close.

    • Hi Sue,

      A Bergenia blooming? Well, that’s even more unusual than my Lupin! lol. Meanwhile I’ve had a Bergenia that I decided to try out two years ago now and it’s never once bloomed! Hopefully next spring will be its first 🙂

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