Sunday Safari

Just to add to the craziness of the season and having a Lupin blooming again,

We also have this blooming:

That’s Winter Jasmine… Normally it doesn’t bloom until Feb/March?? It’s taking its sweet time growing though but hopefully this year it now has enough growth on it that I’ll actually be able to easily see its blooms as normally they’re hidden behind other plants.

A couple of Geraniums have also decided to put on a final show:

Again, this one is also usually hidden due to the Aster ‘Lady in Black’ hiding it (as you can see the aster to the left of the shot). This is why I’m going to move the Aster next spring so I can actually see the border behind it!
The blooms of said Aster are beginning to open…

My small Acer is showing off its Autumn colours.

Tess of the d’Urbervilles has also decided to bloom again

As have these other unknown roses…

Strangely enough this Hollyhock has chosen to start blooming now… It didn’t bloom earlier in the season.

These little violas look nice and Hallowe’eny

I’ve done a little shuffling around in the Aster border… The nettles which were in the way of the path have been moved to the back so I can get past them. I’ve also moved the large Geranium and placed Pheasant’s grass, persicaria and some Dierama in its place.

To fill the space mentioned in my post last week I’ve ordered some Stipa gigantea… I hope it doesn’t look too out of place.

And these House Sparrows want to know what that thing is invading their territory…

Meanwhile the pretty Goldfinch charm are busy being the polite little birds they are

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

    • Hi Donna,
      I still cannot believe the Winter Jasmine are blooming and yet for possibly the 3/4th year the Autumn Cherry hasn’t bloomed in autumn like its namesake claims. I’ve only once seen it blooming when it ought…

      There’s quite a few jobs for me to do in the garden, how about you? I’m attempting to get things moved and planted now to give them a chance to get settled and have a good root system going before it gets too cold. And I’ve discovered that as nice as Asters are to have around, it’s an annoyance that I cannot move them now because they’re bloomg and will have to wait for spring. Yet I know in spring I’ll be too lazy/busy elsewhere and won’t get it done!

  1. Hi Liz,

    Stipa G is a particular favourite of mine. I have one in the circular bed and it has grown to huge proportions. I love how it sways gently in the breeze. The sparrows love to sit in and on the grass stems (which usually break) Ha!! Good choice for your border.

    My Asters are also in full bloom. Like you I need to divide and replant….it will have to wait until the Spring. Although I did move a
    persicaria which is smothered in flowers and it looks as ‘happy as larry;, The move has had no ill effects on it.

    My garden has been very confused this year. Everything seems out of sequence. The weather of course plays a big part in that.

    I might move some Asters and leave the huge clumps until the Spring.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      The problem with leaving the Asters until spring is that I know I won’t bother moving them… Just as I didn’t this spring! I did move one of the Lady in Blacks a few weeks ago but that’s only because it’d been strangled by the Monkshood and was very spindly and weak. The other is nice and bushy and I’d rather see its blooms than risk upsetting it and causing it to flop over and the blooms die.

      I do definitely need to cut back some of the flat-topped Aster, and I’m not sure whether to pull some up now (I pulled some out a few weeks ago too) or wait until I see the new shoots coming up in Spring and they will hopefully be much easier to pull out… They’re so difficult because each sends out runner roots and then babies grow from that. So they’re very strong! lol. At the rate it multiplied last year it’ll soon take over the entire border so I need to keep it in check now.
      Oh, I’ve got a seed head off that thistle for you – it had began to open so I’ve put it in a little brown envelope until they’re all mature.

      Things here have generally been ok, these are the first things that have seemed strange in the garden. But we have had a much better summer than you…. :/

    • Hi again Cheryl,
      The Stipa Gigantea arrived today so I’ve planted it already; strange weather here… Sunny yet drizzling… I think it must be blowing in because there’s no real clouds and we’ve had a rainbow for almost an hour now so it’s not nice outside.
      Lots of things to be planting and I’m getting frustrated as being held in the house now! lol.

  2. I have goldfinches in my garden too! They are very pretty indeed. There are some unusual goings on in your garden, my lupins always seem to get lupin aphid. They are really fat and weird :S I am getting round to buying a japanese acer but haven’t found the right one yet, the search goes on

    • Hi Anthony,
      Goldfinches have seen a massive increase over the past few years; it’s only been recently that I’d even heard of them, as a child we never had any in our gardens; goes to show how some species are taking advantage of the food provided in gardens.
      Actually, I’ve never had any problems with the aphids or black fly on my Lupins although I do know they apparently love them… Growing up the Lupins used to get it every year so my parents eventually gave up with them.
      How large do you want the acer to be? Are you wanting a small ornamental type or full tree?

  3. Dear Liz, Your goldfinches are amazing this year. There seems to be a lot going on in your autumn garden. There are always unexpected blooms out of season, but it seems there are more this year. The weather is crazy. P. x

    • Hi Pam,
      I often see strange things like spring Irises coming up but I’ve never seen Lupins and Winter Jasmine blooming at this point! lol.

      I’m just glad I’m able to get outside today and get more jobs done. I’ve half a chopped down Buddleja on my front lawn at the moment that needs cutting up into smaller pieces and getting rid of.

  4. It really has been a spectacularly confusing year with things flowering at all kinds of odd times. I guess we should just sit back and enjoy the show! I love that red rose, and your re-jigged border is looking good. BTW, how did you find the process of moving your blog to WordPress? Did you lose any traffic or comments or people?

    • Hi Janet,
      I’ve more odd things blooming that I’m going to show in my next post… It’s just mental. But of course appreciated anyway… I just hope the plants don’t get a nasty shock once the bad weather really does arrive.

      The move was very easy as wordpress can pull across all old posts from blogger so pretty much everything in those terms was sorted very quickly and simply. However the move in terms of visitors has seen a dive in people. But that, I believe is due to Blotanical no longer recognising my blog. I updated the address but it doesn’t appear on the most popular 200 list nor does it appear under ‘G’ in the lists by alphabet. I’m unsure if it appears on people’se favourites lists as no one has confirmed it for me. But it does mean I don’t have the usual people who might stumble across me on the 200 or alphabet lists. I just have those people who have me on their blog rolls or that I leave a comment on returning the favour.
      I’ve messaged the blotanical people telling them about it; as I know others also had issues but it was supposed to have been sorted before I had the same problem. I’ve heard nothing back so I guess they’re busy with other issues.

      • Sorry about the Blotanical thing, but great that it went so smoothly for you. I’ve only ever done it blogger->self hosted wordpress, which is both more complicated and more flexible, in that you can make blogger automatically redirect traffic to the equivalent post on your wordpress blog. Mind you, I coulnd’t justify the £35/year for my hosting package just for my blog, despite loving the access to the fully featured version of wordpress!

        • Hi Janet,

          Yeah I’ve used the fuller version – not that I knew it at the time – on another website where we have blogs… I didn’t realise it was a different version so I’d assumed that when I moved to wordpress everything would be the same. It pretty much is tbh except I cannot play around with the coding which does my head in. And possibly the only good thing about blogger; the fact you can write your own code or change things such as the font sizes and the box of the blog and so on. This is possibly the main thing that annoys me about wordpress, but as you say I just don’t think i can justify right now the cost of having my own.

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