Wordless Wednesday – Primula… in October??

Ok, so I can’t keep this wordless… The seasons are far too weird at the moment…

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10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Primula… in October??

    • Hi Donna,
      I am enjoying the whole crazy plants flowering at the wrong time thing, I must admit! 😀
      Let’s hope they manage to bloom when they ought in the next few months!!

  1. I thought primulas often bloomed again in cool fall weather? Who knows. You mentioned a desire to get more pink english roses – I have to warn you that the color of Princess Alexandra of Kent is unusual. It starts out very salmon-pink and turns into pure, cool mid-pink. It might not go with a mauve pink scheme. But it’s very pretty!

    • Hi VW,
      I’ve never seen Primulas blooming at this time of year; although, no doubt it does happen. Recently we actually had temps at almost 30c around two weeks ago… Although yes much of September and October were relatively cool and quite a let-down.

      Hrmmmmm I’m not so sure about the Princes Alexandra then, I really dislike salmon pink; however I do like its purpley hints!

    • Hi Janet,

      Yes, very confusing. Especially since my non-natives in the front garden are barely even showing any leaves let alone producing some blooms! lol. But as you say, it is pretty and certainly welcome 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Although my garden isn’t quite full of flowers… There are still some around!

      I’m just hoping the dreaded s-word doesn’t come this year!

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