Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October

I know this post will feel like a broken record; after all, it is Autumn and there isn’t much going on let alone having new blooms.

Apologies if you’ve seen some of these before I cannot remember exactly which ones I’ve shown already.

So, we have a few surprise visitors such as this Primula Vulgaris; a native.

I hope this isn’t cheating… But we also have these Cotoneaster berries

And these pyracantha berries

We also have a number of roses blooming but they’re looking a little bedraggled (except for this Tess of the d’Urbervilles)

The Persicaria that I planted last week had a couple of blooms on it that have now opened… Hopefully next year we’ll have far more!

Of course I cannot ignore the Lupin that’s blooming again. I’ve notice that its colours aren’t quite the same as earlier in the year where it has a stronger fuchsia tone to it.

Cosmos continues to go strong and my other Cosmos have just begun to bloom! Crazy.

I’ve had to cut back the Chrysanthemums because the rain ruined the blooms and they’re brown nastyness… So no blooms from them to show, but this pot is still looking quite nice with Bidens and Nicotiana.

The Rudbekia from seed have been rubbish, but at least I do have a bloom from it

Lovely little Violas in a pot cheering things up


Nemesia is very pretty and I love how it actually smells of Vanilla

Sedum are looking quite nasty but the Californian Poppies are bright as always

Susan Williams-Ellis


And a surprise…

I managed to get the last of my Crocus and some Narcissi in on Friday – I will have to buy some in the green next year for pots because I used them all up and as my pots haven’t yet finished blooming I didn’t want to pull them up and replant the pots.

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20 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October

    • Hi Donna,

      It always amazes me how every time I post blogs like this I then realise how many other blooms I left out, such as the perennial wallflowers, Asters and Verbena. Oh well, there were plenty of photos in the post anyway 😀

      I hope the birds enjoy the berries this year; I’m hoping we don’t have another hard winter but I suspect we’re in for another rough one. Last night was our first cold night… Annuals seem to be holding up ok, but I’m surprised it’s come so early and even more so because I don’t remember seeing any warnings on the forecast! Had I known I would’ve gone out and put the hay around some plants I need to protect.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I really need to work on the Autumn blooms; I’ve been trying but don’t really seem to get far. I think I’ll try to introduce some Autumn Heathers – especially since one of mine died a couple of years ago.

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks, I do really hope the Persicarias do well where they are; theres solid clay under the soil in that area so it should stay nice and damp for them.

      I’ve been busy this week – extending that border in the front I mentioned where the grass gets really boggy at this time of year. I added lots of home-made compost to help with drainage and planted some Ferns, Lady’s Mantle, moved a Lilyturf, divided a Geranium and planted lots of bulbs. I’m tempted to pull out the Hydrangea that’s still very small and straggly and replace it with a Skimmia I have in a pot.

  1. Hi Liz, You do still have a lot going on in Sheffield and I am surprised to see the early bloom of the Primula Vulgaris. Sedum looking nasty, never its one of the few plants which we have in bloom and I may well be singing its praises next week. I say one of the few, but like yourself when I start looking around I am surprised at how much there is.

    • Hi Alistair,

      It’s been a crazy season so far with various random plants blooming when really they shouldn’t be; such as the primula but there’s also others blooming; got to admire their determination!

      The Sedums looked wonderful a week or two ago, but we had lots of rain last week and now they look really awful and rotten. Otherwise yep, they are lovely plants plus I love their attraction to insects 🙂

  2. Hi Liz,

    You didn’t have a frost last night then??
    My dahlias had just come into bloom, and now look dreadful.
    Some flowers in the more sheltered area of the garden were fine, but those in more exposed positions are now a shadow of their former self ….sigh.

    Glad you had a couple of blooms on the Persicaria. Do you still want the pink one next year when I divide them??
    I can also send you more of the red, if you so wish :0)

    The temperatures are warm today…..we expect frost again tonight.
    Time to light a nice log fire in the evenings, put my feet up with a nice glass of wine.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I’m not sure if we had a frost – it was certainly cold and dew on my plants. But no sign of frost damage on plants such as the Dahlias and Cosmos. It was quite a shock it was so cold actually because I hadn’t seen any warnings on the weather forecast! This is a bit early for them, surely? But then again it was a clear night so I’m not surprised.
      It’s lovely and warm here too; I’ve been out taking some photos and the Bees are certainly enjoying the Cosmos at the moment.

      Sorry to hear your Dahlias are now looking bad… We went to Chatsworth the other day (photos will come soon) and I imagine all their Dahlias are now dead too.

      I’d love to have some of your Persicaria, yes please. I have other areas they could go in such as the front garden that I recently began working on – and it stays much wetter there.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks 🙂
      It would be nice to have more flowers at the moment but perhaps next year I will have managed to crack this extending the season of interest thing…

  3. Dear Liz, Your October garden looks amazing. I guess the mini heatwave, that England put on in my honor, brought out your primula and strawberries. I envy your ‘Tess’ and have it on my rose wish list. Happy Bloom Day! P. x

    • Hi Pam,

      We’ve definitely had a mix this October ranging from wet, grey and miserable for days, to heat waves and temps of around 30c then to the current which is nice sunny clear days but chilly nights with almost frosts! I hate to think what November will bring, especially as the next blooms day is my birthday and also my graduation! *fingers crossed the day is at least bright, even if it’s likely to be freezing*

  4. I love that persicaria. We have a few native primroses blooming too – and next year’s canes on the summer raspberries are flowering and fruiting too! Strange weather. Great Cosmos ‘Candystripe’ – ours is still flowering too, such lovely blooms.

    • Hi,
      I think our Raspberries might have done the same, as they fruited from the old canes from last year and then put out fresh ones and are fruiting again.

      Hopefully the Cosmos will be with us for a while yet – normally it survives into the end of November, it’s provdiding much colour at the moment when we really do need it now. The Bees also love it, so anything that is still providing for the insects is always much appreciated here.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you, the Lupin is still blooming nicely although I suspect not for much longer as it’s now turned quite cold, windy and rainy… The slugs and snails will no doubt get it soon!

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