… one of those posts where I spew out loads of photos which have been building up.

It dawned on me that I need to have my macro fix, I was missing my dreamy images and so out came the macro lens and I was instantly back in heaven. As much as I love my new lens I still need my ‘bokeh’ and am tempted to buy yet another one for my bokeh fix.

As we slide into November, fewer and fewer blooms are surviving. Over the past few days there’s a massive change in the garden. It’s now looking very dead and the lovely lush green of the Rose I showed last week is now a brilliant golden yellow.

Cheerful violas in hanging baskets add a little colour

Rudbekia and Cyclamen live on the potting bench… The cyclamen are there until they’re grown and then I plan to put them into pots or the ground.

I love that the Campanula is blooming again, it almost feels like spring…

Lupin is almost finished now – it is not liking the recent clear, cool nights.

There’s still plenty to go… I hope you haven’t fallen asleep…

Aster ‘Lady in Black’ was at her peak last week.

One of the Sedums was looking very nice; the other now looks awful

I’m looking forward to more blooms from the Persicaria next year

Even I’m getting bored of all these photos now, never mind my readers… Carry on if you haven’t yet given up and left.

The Flat-topped Aster has gone to seed, most of its fluffy heads have been blown away now but some are still hanging on.

I was having a major ‘bokeh’ moment with the corkscrew rush! It’s just so beautiful

‘Iceberg’ continues to do her thing – she will likely still be blooming throughout winter and will only take a break if snow hits.

I think this is likely the last Hoverfly I’ll see until Spring

We’re almost at the end of the photos now…

I mentioned in the bloom day post that I have a Crocosmia blooming in the back garden…

And finally, I just love touching this Aster- its petals are so soft and lovely to hold. I’m not usually someone who touches the blooms, but some things just call out to me… This Aster and the Pennisetum for example.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


9 thoughts on “Another…

    • Hi Elaine,

      Haha, well some are almost 10 days old, so I had to get them all posted asap otherwise I’d never bother and forget about them 😀

      That’s my excuse anway! 😉

  1. Liz I for one am happy you took out the macro lens. I love your photos and could look at them for hours…they are just beautiful so thx for the eye candy trip through your beautiful garden still blooming…I am very jealous since mine is done!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you very much 🙂
      I do not think many plants will be blooming for much longer, especially considering how quickly things have turned over the past few days. It’s as though the garden knows November is looming and everything suddenly becoming dormant.

    • Hi Janet,

      The garden here is also begining to look very ugly, all the wonderful autumnal hues are gone and it’s just outright death now. Things have changed massively since even midweek, the balance has tipped and in the next week or so there will be nothing left to look at.

  2. Gosh Liz, that was some post. I should have got a cup of tea :0)
    I must say I love to see your images, your macro shots are a favourite of mine, but by the time I finish I have forgotten what I saw a the begining Ha!
    None-the-less, it is amazing how a garden suddenly changes quite dramatically. I walked around this morning and was surprised to see so many brown patches in the borders.

    I love the Asters including the seedheads. The iceberg rose is gorgeous. My mother in law had a garden full of them. They were absolutely stunning planted en masse. They seem to shine out in the moonlight.

    Lovely to see your macro images. Have a good week.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I probably should’ve warned viewers to make themselves a nice hot drink 😛

      Not to worry though, as soon enough there will be so little to show that posts will likely be few and far between! I can’t imagine there will be much to look at over the next two or three months until we see signs of Snowdrops and such popping up.

      I hope you have a good week too, I’m not looking forward to the dark nights now the clocks have gone back; however I am so very relieved that it will be light again when I wake up as for me nothing is worse than trying to get up when it’s dark. After all we have evolved to get up with the light and sleep when the sun sets.

  3. Loving the photos. Violas always make me smile. I love macro photography of plants. I love how it picks out the beauty of even the smallest, seemingly insignificant parts of plants.
    I’ve still got quite a bit in flower in my garden but everything is looking decidedly soggy, we’ve had a lot of rain in the last week.

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