GBBD – November (very early)

We’re not finished quite yet… And I probably ought to have saved these photos until the GBBD on Tuesday… Although I may not be around much on Monday and Tuesday with my brother coming to visit from Italy and then my graduation and birthday makes for a busy few days. So perhaps this ought to be an early GBBD post and I may post again closer to the 15th.

We’re now officially scraping the bottom of the barrel for photos… With the recent cooler nights there’s a lot of beautiful firey foliage around now (just a shame it’s in everyone else’s garden but mine) and my Acer ‘Katsura’ is looking much like an amazing pack of gems with a whole range of colours from green emeralds to rubies and even amethyst or onyx.

Thankfully the ‘right’ border is still blooming quite nicely. The only noticeable missing bloom is the Rudbekia ‘Goldstrum’.
right  border

There are plenty of Cosmos still flowering, and the perennial wallflower is its trusty companion. Both have been blooming for months now.

I don’t often photograph the Verbena, generally because it’s so much taller than everything else and the angle I shoot at means it’s missed out.

The black Hollyhock is still attempting to bloom (on the right of the photo), but I highly doubt it will manage it this year – that is if it even survives winter!

Campanula continues with its late flush, I hope it stays with us a little longer.

I was surprised to see that the Aster ‘Lady in Black’ is still blooming… Although; it does look rather sad.

There isn’t a great deal of colour on the autumn cherry yet, although it is beginning to change… Yet another year where I don’t have blooms in the autumn… Perhaps it isn’t an autumn flowering cherry at all?

And the star of the show… my little Acer.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


12 thoughts on “GBBD – November (very early)

  1. Love the maple. And the cosmos. Wish my brother lived in Italy and I could visit him there! Actually, it’s nice to have both of my brothers a little closer than that would be. The only flowers left blooming in my garden are the last of the autumn crocus. Everything else has frozen and turned brown. Welcome winter, eh?

    • Hi VW,

      Actually, I’d like to go to visiti him too… Only it’s the wrong time of year now really but now that he’s in Rome I’d definitely like to go as I’ve always wanted to visit Rome. We’ll have to see how things go with jobs and such. Rome is deifnitely preferable to him being in Beijing like he has been previously! Although I would also love to go to HK and Japan. I just don’t think I could do the flight.

      Winter must get Winter very early! Thankfully we haven’t really had any frosts yet – morning dew where it’s almost frozen but we’re not quite there. And at the moment we’re having relatively mild weather which is above our usual November temperatures – I’m trying not to get too hopefuly for a fairly mild birthday because as soon as I do I’ll jinx myself and it’ll be horrible.

  2. Liz if this is scraping the barrel boy am I in trouble…it is still lovely…We have had our first dusting of snow and barely a bloom to be found…your garden is lovely…ear;y congrats again on the graduation and happy birthday!!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Hopefully no snow here for a good while yet… I’m sitll hopeful that we won’t see a repeat of really bad snow like for the past couple of years; but I’m being naive… Never thought I’d miss our generally mild winters with only a centimetre or two of snow in a year. As beautiful as deep snow is, I’m ready for our generally bleurgh winters… Bleurgh = grey, wet, miserable. No snow, but also no sun either.

  3. Liz, still a number of surprises in your garden. I do like the shot of the verbena bonariensis which is so difficult to photograph. We did also have the Autumn flowering cherry at one time which normally started to flower in February.

    • Hi Alistair,

      The first couple of years I was here the Autumn cherry bloomed in Autumn; that’s how I managed to ID it! But for the past few years there hasn’t been anything until much later as you said. More like Feb/March and then it really comes into its own around late April like the other Cherries.

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks; the acer is looking especially lovely this year. And I’m enjoying the fact that with each year as the small trees grow I’ll gradually have more and more leaves for leaf mulch 🙂 Currently it’s pointless raking them up as I’d collect barely anything.

  4. Do you have a brother living in Italy?
    I like your cosmos, they’re perfectly grown. Some years mine stayed dwarf, other years they kept growing leaves over leaves and only few flowers, like green yetis, so I gave up with cosmos. I enjoy them in other people’s gardens though.

    Have a happy birthday!

    • Hi Alberto,

      Yep, my brother is currently living in Rome although he was in Milan for a while.

      I do love the Cosmos too, although I think I’m also beginning to lose interest in them now. However, they are very handy for the Autumn garden as they continue to bloom until hard frosts finally kill them off. So I’ll probably grow them again next year, as they do also provide food for insects when there is little else for them.

  5. Hello again Liz, well a busy time indeed – with us too on the 11th. Hope the birthday, graduation (Congrats) and your brother’s visit went well. We were back at hospital visiting then –this time with our youngest daughter (Appendix since out and she’s now home recovering).

    Love your early GBBD post – you certainly have a few flowers hanging around. Hope that Cosmos is still with you -should really add some here. Familiar faces with the wallflower, Verbena and Acers 🙂

    Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ is the most mature and popular one in my garden (for winder photos too). However, I wouldn’t say this was the mature tree kind of tree that you’d get a tree creeper on! It really was an unbelievable sight to see. I had my camera within reaching distance but was watching in disbelief and didn’t use it :-O

    Sorry to make you go green again! Tables turned now though. Must make a note of that aster – I love it! I don’t think it looks sad – perhaps a bit sleepy 😉 Wonderful images again Liz 😀

    • Hi Shirl,

      The graduation went well thank you; even the sun decided to show up as we came out of the city hall! It was gorgeously warm and quite possibly the warmest birthday I’ve ever had. I was perfectly comfortable outside in the gown and bare arms and such. We were all moaning that our gowns didn’t appear to be any different from the undergrads; however eventually I began to notice little subtleties in the design and the pattern. Looks like I’ll have to do the doctorate and PhD for the bright red gowns 😀

      The Cosmos is still with us; yes. I really need to dead-head it again to prolong the blooming even further! The Wallflowers are here with thanks to you! I even bought more types too which are in pots hopefully getting their roots nice and mature to survive the winter. I hope I don’t lose these plants I have but it is a possibility.

      Perhaps your treecreeper was a juvenile looking for new territory and passing through your garden? Of course it would be nice if it hung around for you and hopefully it’ll visit regularly. Is there anywhere nearby where it will likely live and use your garden as part of its extended territory? There’s a park relatively nearby to us with mature trees such as Horse Chestnuts and wild cherries but I’m unsure if there are Oaks and other good trees for Treecreepers. However, I think it’s a little too far for a Treecreeper to come, especially as there’s relatively few trees for protection along the way.

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