I finally managed to get hold of some Paperwhite Narcissi after having been somewhat jealous of seeing them on other blogs over the past couple of years. I snapped them up and once I got home I discovered that actually some had already begun to sprout in their packet.
A week or so later I finally remembered to pick up some indoor pots for them and I’m now beginning to think that really I ought to have had four bulbs per pot rather than three… Oh well, next year maybe!
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi

I can’t believe how quickly they’ve come up though, even those on a north windowsill are just as well developed as those on a south window… I’d thought we’d see a much longer blooming period as they’d be stunted compared to those in a sunnier spot.
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi

Oh well, I guess it’s nice to have a glut; even if I had wanted them to bloom at Christmas! Just a mere 40+ days early…. Hrmph. I’ll have to find something else to have over winter instead.
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi
Paperwhite Narcissi

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20 thoughts on “Paperwhite

  1. These are lovely. I chose to grow amaryllis indoors this holiday and winter. I just finally planted one so I bet it won’t bloom for the holidays. I didn’t realize I had bought 3 so I will stagger them. I also have a beloved Christmas cactus my mother-in-law gave me that is coming into flower for the holidays…it is fun having some flowers to look forward too…love the pictures Liz!!

    • Hi Donna,

      I bought a white Amaryllis too, and hope it will soon put up a bud because I’ve been waiting weeks – since I planted these! Grr, can’t get it right, can I?! hahaha. Typical 😀 I do also have a red Cyclamen which is blooming and will continue to bloom for months until I stop watering it to give it a break I’ve had it indoors years now and still it blooms. Amazing. Some of my Orchids are also blooming, but one always just before christmas suddenly begins to die and drops all its blooms within a few days. Strange. Then every September I see new stems popping up and it all starts again.

      Perhaps the relatively mild temperatures we’ve had for the past few weeks has also contributed to their speedy growth too. It’s been hitting at least 10C most days and due to lots of grey days, the nights have also been quite warm thanks to cloud.

    • Hi,

      I’ve seen them on a few blogs; mainly US blogs so I was thrilled when I finally saw some because normally all I can find here are Tete a Tete Narcissi.

  2. I don’t think I will manage to get around to paperwhites this year, which is a shame, they are lovely – though they can be a little overpowering smell-wise in a small space. You could always try some deep plum hyacinths for Christmas?!

    • HI Janet,

      It’s a shame you won’t get the Paperwhites, the smell is definitely strong which I’d expected and not as nice as I’d assumed but it’s something at least! However I find Hyacinths even worse so I’ll have to give them a miss. They’re way too overpowering for me and verge on triggering migraines.

      I do also have an Amaryllis that I planted at the same time but so far no sign of sprouting so I doubt that will be blooming for christmas either… Can’t get it right!

  3. I planted paperwhites directly in our last garden. The trouble was, the fall weather was so mild they’d pop up, and be done…usually long before Thanksgiving in late November. They are short-lived in bloom, but so elegant, and their fragrance is simply divine. Perhaps try Amaryllis, Freesia or Hyacinth for some later indoor blooms?

    • Hi Clare,

      I’d like to try some Fressia, although I don’t tend to see them around until Spring/summer. I’ll have a look around and see if I can see any for sale and then i’ll definitely force some. Hyacinths are too strong for me, and I do have an Amaryllis bulb planted at the same time as these and still no sign of growth from it.

  4. So are you enjoying their scent? I was so excited to grow some a couple of years ago and then found the fragrance too strong, kind of sickening after a while. I felt guilty about throwing them out while they were still blooming, so I just hoped every day that they’d finally die and I could get rid of them. So funny. Hopefully you’re enjoying yours more!

    • Hi VW,

      I know what you mean about its scent; I don’t find it to be very pleasant either. But I do like white blooms and perhaps next year I’ll try them in the garden instead.

  5. I used to grow them but found the scent rather overpowering. All my houseplants look a bit sad at this time of year. I have been known to put hyacinths in cupboards and forget about them… I love the simplicity of your photos, Liz

    • Hi Janet,

      I’m no fan of the scent to be honest…. But I am enjoying their delicate blooms and I know I would appreciate them even more had they bloomed in December instead. I only really have Orchids in the house and they’ve all been blooming for a while. I do also have a cylcamen that my boyfriend bought years ago and every year it blooms for months before I stop watering it once it’s beginning to look sad.

    • Hi Alberto,

      yep they are scented and multi-headed. Here only two blooms were out but now I have 5 with more buds to come… I’ll have to post more photos once they’re all open.

    • Hi Scott,

      Exactly! 😀 And who doesn’t enjoy getting more plants???! I’ll be keeping an eye out closer to December for anything… I was shocked to see Christmas trees being sold already at our local garden centre! Crazy.

  6. Ah Liz, the exquisite paper whites! Glorious images again. Potting up bulbs for indoors is not something I do. Mm… you’ve given me an idea there. Good luck in timing for Christmas 🙂

    Lol… I can guess the name of the garden centre that you spotted Christmas trees for sale in. You’ve spent a fair few weekends and cash there perhaps? I spotted them too. Should name and shame but won’t 😉

    • Hi Shirl,

      I’m not one for forcing bulbs indoors, but it’s seeing these beauties for the past couple of years on blogs and becoming very jealous that I decided to have a go. Plans didn’t quite work out, but they are nice regardless! 🙂

      Ahaa, yes I know the gardencentre you’re talking about; however this was actually at B&Q where I saw the trees… But since you mention the time I’ve spent at the other as it happens I was popping there today!! I’ve spent way too much money there and don’t plan on buying any plants today; we’re actually headed for the farmshop and christmas decorations.

  7. They are so pretty. I read about them a couple of years ago and planned to get some but then I went into one of the glasshouses at college where there were some in flower and I just found their perfume too powerful. I was so disappointed. I think timing is one of the hardest things to get right with plants. If they don’t flower for Christmas at least you’ll have something to brighten up those January days.

    • Hi,

      It’s quite a strong smell, yes but nothing like Hyacinths or Lilies which really do fill an entire house. I don’t find it too bad; and this is coming from someone who gets smell-triggered migraines and I have to be careful with strong smells such as Lilies, smoke, perfume etc.
      Hopefully we’ll still have some blooms into December – only three bulbs so far have opened, so I’m hopeful yet.

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